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Amy King Calls Out Jinger Vuolo Over Bad Advice

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As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Jinger Vuolo shared a word of advice regarding anxiety. The Duggar daughter shared her thoughts about anxiety and gave her Instagram followers bible references to use. Specifically, Jinger says, “Anxiety could be a serious struggle
every day if we let it be!”

The response that Jinger received after sharing this was mixed. In the comments section of that post, her followers share their thoughts. Some of her followers appreciate the message, but others think it’s harmful. They agree that the bible can be helpful when dealing with mental health issues, but they also think that appropriate treatment, such as therapy and medication, is needed. Some of her followers shared their own personal anxiety struggles. Her followers also feel that her post makes it sound like anxiety is within their control. In reality, mental health is serious and can’t always be fixed by prayer alone, some followers mention.

For little worries and concerns, Jinger’s approach may be sufficient. But, when it comes to mental illness, Jinger Vuolo’s followers think she needs a different approach.

Duggar cousin Amy King reacts to Jinger Vuolo’s post

Duggar fans may know of Amy King, who’s Jim Bob Duggar’s niece. Some of Jim Bob’s kids, specifically Jill Dillard, are close with Amy. While Amy is a Christian and seems to be somewhat conservative, she is not nearly as conservative as her famous cousins. She seems to have some less conservative views than they do.

So, Amy doesn’t agree with what Jinger Vuolo had to say. On Instagram, Katie Joy shared a post about her YouTube video regarding Jinger’s post. In the comments section of Katie’s Instagram post, Amy left a comment. The Duggar cousin writes:

“I am a Christian and anxiety isn’t something you can ‘pray away’ in my opinion.. sure prayer does help me when I feel extremely overwhemed but Its ok to seek counseling and take medication. Its ok to not be ok.. for some it’s truly a daily battle, mental health is serious and depression can seriously cripple people. Taking the proper steps to help you cope and hopefully overcome your anxiety is no easy task . Nobody should be ashamed for it either.”

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Just pray it away

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So, do you agree with Amy or Jinger? Do you think Amy’s message is appropriate? Let us know in the comments below!

The Duggar family returns to TLC’s Counting On on Tuesday, July 7. The Season 11 premiere is a two-part special. You can watch the first episode early here.

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