Jinger Vuolo Shares How She Met Her Husband Jeremy

Duggar -- Jeremy Vuolo Instagram ft. Jinger Vuolo

In a social media post on Wednesday, Jinger Vuolo talks about how she met her husband Jeremy Vuolo. The Duggar daughter also shares a picture featuring the couple kissing. In her post, she talks about how people often ask each other how they met their significant other.

Jinger then writes, “For us, it was a smart introduction from @ben_seewald and @jessaseewald that neither of us could have predicted would take us where we are today😏 Sometimes I thank God for sister and brothers-in-law who are part-time matchmakers.😄”

In response to the post, one fan suggests that Jeremy and Jinger record a podcast episode about how they met. Jinger replied, saying that it’s a “good idea.” So, perhaps there will be an episode dedicated to the couple’s romance and their relationship.

Other Duggar fans are commenting on Jinger Vuolo’s post and gushing over the couple. Jinger and Jeremy are pretty well-liked by Counting On fans. Of course, they get their fair share of haters and trolls too.


Duggar fans think Jessa and Ben Seewald should help Jana Duggar find a partner

In response to Jinger Vuolo’s post, one of her followers writes, “They need to get Jana a match too💕“. In response, one fan said, “she may not want to be married, and that’s perfectly okay! 👌🏻” Another added that she “seems happy.”

As many fans know, Jana Duggar is still single. For years, fans have speculated about potential courtships. They are eager to hear of a courtship, engagement, or wedding.

The 30-year-old lives at home with her parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, and several of her younger siblings. While many of her siblings have tied the knot in their early twenties, Jana is happy at home. She seems to be patient and doesn’t appear to mind waiting for the perfect partner to come along.

In the press release for Counting On Season 11, there’s a hint that there will be a courtship. But, as of right now, it’s unknown who’s going to be courting. It’s possible that it will be Jana.

Jeremy Vuolo says he and Jinger Vuolo are a team

In his own Instagram post, Jeremy talks about his marriage. He shares, “How we engage the world around us begins with how we engage one another. We’re a team, not two individuals trying to make it in this world alone.” Along with the caption, he posts a photo of himself and Jinger.


So, what do you think of Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo’s love story? Share your thoughts below.

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