‘The Grand Tour’ Season 4 Madagascar Episode Almost Ready Despite COVID-19

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Fans of The Grand Tour are still awaiting the second Season 4 episode. Fans are waiting for the return of Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond. What is taking so long for this Madagascar episode? The coronavirus is part of the problem, as is the sheer volume of material. What is the latest news on this Amazon Prime show?

Is The Grand Tour Season 4 Madagascar Episode Coming Soon?

Yes, there will be a new episode of The Grand Tour Season 4 on Amazon Prime, soon. Very soon. But, there have been complications due to the coronavirus. This is delaying everything from filming new episodes to the production of footage.

For example, The Grand Tour trio was set to head over to Northern Russia when the coronavirus hit. This was back in March when the snowy conditions were at their finest. As this is a part of Russia that deals with extreme darkness and light, March is also ideal for filming. In the winter months, the days are very short.

What is making this worse is that they pre-paid for much of their vehicles and other necessities, but will likely lose it all. Hopefully, things will be better in March 2021, so that they can make the show they planned so diligently.

Producer Got Coronavirus

The Grand Tour producer Andy Wilman had perhaps the biggest challenge. According to Express, Wilman got the coronavirus not once, but twice. He called it “the worst” thing he ever had. So, during this lockdown, very little production has been done, although they claim it is close to being ready.

Add to the fact that Wilman had it in March. But last month, when asked about the second episode, he confessed he “had the plague.” Andy Wilman thinks he got Covid-19 twice. He had it, continued to feel the “side effects.” Then, it appears he got it again!

So, not only has the coronavirus prevented The Grand Tour from filming in Northern Russia, but it has prevented Andy Milman from editing the Madagascar episode.

Why It Takes So Long To Edit The Grand Tour Episodes

Jeremy Clarkson has long explained that while other shows may have 10 hours of footage to use in an hour-long program, The Grand Tour has about 1,000 hours of footage for an hour-long program. That is because you have three hosts and a month of travel. There is a lot good material you can choose from! Therefore, it is a very long and tedious process to get the best of the best of this terrific trio.

Hopefully, Andy Wilman feels better soon. Meanwhile, The Grand Tour fans can rewatch three excellent seasons on Amazon Prime, and the first episode from Season 4, “Seamen.”

Of course, the biggest hope is that as the world begins to open up again, they can travel and film more adventures.

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