Will Hallmark Renew ‘Good Witch’ For Season 7?

Good Witch, Hallmark, Cassie plans a progressive dinner and contemplates her next adventure as an empty nester. New advice columnist Martha investigates the identity of an advice seeker. Abigail and Donovan worry that they are on different paths. Stephanie’s friendly relationship with her ex-husband causes trouble for her relationship with Adam. Joy butts heads with a carpenter, but when he quits it puts their shared project in jeopardy. Nick visits for the weekend, worried about sharing his academic struggles with Sam. When a health crisis arises at the dinner party, the fate of one Middleton resident becomes uncertain. Photo: Catherine Bell Credit: ©2020 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Brooke Palmer

Good Witch Season 6 has been fantastic, but Goodies want to know if their favorite show will be renewed for Season 7. Will Hallmark renew or cancel Good Witch?

Did Hallmark Renew Good Witch Season 7?

Has Hallmark renewed Good Witch for Season 7? Right now, Hallmark has not yet announced anything about renewing the series that stars Catherine Bell (Army Wives) as Cassie, and James Denton (Desperate Housewives) as Sam. Should Goodies be concerned about the show being renewed?

Good Witch Season 6 Premiere Success

According to the Hallmark Press Release, the Good Witch Season 6 premiere on May 3 was quite a success. The premiere had 3.4 million total viewers, with over 400,000 women in the coveted 25-54 range. It was even the second most-watched cable program of the day, in households with women 18 and over. This was the top scripted program. That is quite a coup!

This continues the viewing success of When Calls The Heart, which TV Shows Ace reported, just got renewed for Season 8. But, Hallmark did not renew WCTH until after Season 7 finished airing. This appears to be a trend for the cable network.

Perhaps this could be the case for Good Witch as well? In that case, Season 6 ends on July 5. This could mean that Hallmark could make a renewal announcement in mid-July.

Season 6 Takes ‘Cool Turn’

The Good Witch Season 6 had a major change. Bailee Madison left the show, and her character Grace, took off for college. This was a huge disappointment for fans of the show, as Madison really lights up the screen.

But, prior to the Season 6 premiere, Catherine Bell discussed the series changes with Media Village. how the series has now changed. Because the focus now is not on the mother/daughter relationship, the general plots have made a pivot. As “hard” as it was to say goodbye to Bailey Madison, Bell calls it the new storylines a “cool turn.”

Now, the stories are more about Sam and Cassie. The stories are more grown-up. We get to learn a lot more about both, with storylines that focus on interests and hobbies. For example, TV Shows Ace had previewed one episode would about a Middleton chili contest.

Also, the show has added some mystery to the script with the arrival of Joy Harper (Katherine Barrell) who is a newcomer to Middleton.


Will Bailee Madison Return?

Catherine Bell has confirmed that Bailee Madison will not put in a Good Witch Season 6 appearance. Bell seems to hope for an additional season, as she suggests “Hopefully she’ll be back, she wasn’t this season, but maybe there’s an opportunity where she can be.”

What better reason for Goodies to hope that there will be a Good Witch Season 7! Grace returning from college for a single episode would certainly be something to look forward to. Most importantly, the show writers have managed to keep the storylines fresh and the show very entertaining.

Now, Goodies need to wait for Hallmark to make a Series 7 announcement.

Goodies, are you waiting for Hallmark to announce Good Witch Season 7? Be sure to check back with TV Shows Ace for all things Hallmark. Good Witch Season 6 airs on Sundays on Hallmark.

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