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Dr. Ish Major Talks About ‘Mama June: From Not To Hot’

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WEtv’s Dr. Ish Major is now a part of Mama June: From Not to Hot: Family Crisis. Dr. Ish regularly makes appearances on shows on the network, such as Marriage Bootcamp. He was called in by Alana Thompson’s sister, Pumpkin. Now, he’s helping Alana navigate her life as it is. In an exclusive interview with Monsters & Critics, Dr. Ish talks about the show.

When talking about both June’s and Alana’s interventions, Dr. Ish reveals that it was harder to prepare for Alana’s. This is because of June’s predictable behaviors due to her substance abuse problems. Dr. Ish says, “I knew what she was going to do before she did.” So, that helped him to know exactly what he needed to say and do.

Alana, on the other hand, was more difficult to prepare for. He explains, “And what I’ve learned over the years from working with children and adolescents is that, as the ‘Dr.’ there to help them, they’ll give you one chance and one chance only. Blow that chance and you lose them.” Dr. Ish doesn’t ignore the fact that both interventions are “high stakes.”

Dr. Ish watched Geno and Mama June

Prior to the interventions, Dr. Ish kept an eye on Geno and June. He says that this helped him to get a better understanding of the family and everything going on. He says, “I was afraid she might die before she realized she needed help. By following the family closely I’m able to get to a fuller picture of everything that needs to happen in an intervention and an individual session because I know the urgency of the consequences that are just around the corner if we don’t get this right.”

Is Dr. Ish still in contact with June and Alana?

Fans are seeing Dr. Ish help out Alana and Mama June. But, what happens next? Does he stay in touch with them and continue to help them out. Fans agree that their relationship is not an easy one to navigate. So, it’s no surprise that Dr. Ish is still keeping an eye on them. He says, “It’s a domino effect so I will keep a close watch and remain on call for them until the dust settles.”

He also talks about all of the different factors in the family. A lot of the family members have their own issues going on. So, it’s affecting all of them. He says it begins with “June’s poor self-worth.” From there, it funnels down and seems to have an impact on everyone in one way or another. This is part of what’s making things so difficult for the family to work through these issues.

So, do you enjoy seeing Dr. Ish on the show? Share your thoughts about him below.

Mama June: From Not to Hot: Family Crisis airs Fridays on WEtv. Don’t miss the next episode!

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