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‘LPBW’: The Roloffs Discuss The End Of Roloff Farms

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On the Tuesday, May 5 episode of Little People, Big World, the family discusses the end of Roloff Farms. The Roloff family’s pumpkin farm is a big deal. And, fans know and love the farm too. As LPBW fans know, Matt and Amy Roloff’s divorce has led to some questions about the fate of the farm. Plus, as the couple ages, they can’t take on as many of the farm tasks as they used to.

In the preview for the May 5 episode, which is exclusively shared by Us Weekly, the former couple opens up about the farm. In the LPBW preview, Matt says, “I’m really starting to assess how much physical energy I want to put into this. Everybody gets to be my age, late 50s, and you start to think about retirement. I mean the south side of the farm is safe, I’m gonna build over there and I’m probably gonna die on that side. But as far as the north side of the farm, that is up in the air, for sure.”

Plus, Amy elaborates on the effects of the divorce. She admits that the divorce does mean that there’s a “separation of family.” She says, “I think how we decide on the future of the farm will dictate how involved I continue to be or not be. If Matt chooses to still continue on with pumpkin season, I’ll choose to be a part of it as best I can but by moving off the farm.”

Amy adds, “I will always feel a disconnect of some sort.” So, it seems like there’s still more to figure out as far as the farm is concerned.

May 5 episode of LPBW

On the newest episode of the show, the Roloff family is working through a lot. Amy’s mother passes away shortly after Amy’s engagement to fiance Chris Marek. This leaves Amy unsure about her feelings. While she’s happy about the engagement, her mom’s death is obviously heartbreaking.

In addition, Amy is planning a prom. She talks about how she didn’t really fit in in high school, describing herself as someone on the “outskirts.” So, she was never asked to her prom and didn’t go.

In the LPBW episode, the family kicks off pumpkin season at Roloff Farms. Matt wants his grandson Jackson to pull the ribbon at the new playground on the farm. As he’s only a toddler, he gets stage fright. Eventually, his dad Zach Roloff and grandfather have to pull the ribbon instead.

Will you be watching the new episode of LPBW? What do you predict will be the fate of the farm? Leave a comment below.

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