Jamie Otis’ Coronavirus Test Comes Back Negative

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Jamie Otis of The Bachelor and Married at First Sight was tested for coronavirus. This is because she’s pregnant and wants to attempt a home birth. If she did have the virus, she wouldn’t be able to have a home birth. She also revealed that her midwife said she couldn’t have a home birth until her test came back negative. So, Jamie was worried about going into labor early and having to give birth at the hospital.

Jamie is planning on a home birth due to the coronavirus, so a positive test would change those plans. She would also have to be apart from her newborn son for two weeks.

Jamie was tested a few days ago, but she only recently got her test results back. They take a few days to process, which left Jamie worrying for a few days. Throughout this time, she’s been keeping her social media followers up to date. They worry about her due to the coronavirus and the extra stress that brings her. It’s a stressful time to be pregnant and so close to her due date.

Jamie Otis’ coronavirus test comes back negative

On Sunday, Jamie revealed that her test results are back. Fortunately, her test is negative, so she doesn’t have the coronavirus. She was previously concerned that the results would affect her birth plan. And, of course, there’s the virus and all of its nasty symptoms she’d have to deal with while being apart from her new baby. Prior to the test results coming back, Jamie said that she wasn’t showing any symptoms. So, she knew she was either asymptomatic or didn’t have the virus at all.

In an Instagram post, Jamie thanks her followers for all the love and support they’ve offered during this time. They know she’s been stressed out by the whole coronavirus, as most people have. So, she really seems to appreciate all the kind comments she’s getting on social media. It’s safe to say that Jamie Otis’ social media followers are just as happy as she is about the negative test.


Jamie plans on home birth amid coronavirus

Jamie Otis is planning on giving birth at home. She and her husband Doug Hehner talk about this decision and say that they gave it a lot of thought. Ultimately, the pros outweigh the cons, so it just makes sense for Jamie to give birth at home amid the coronavirus.

When talking about their choice, Jamie mentions that she’s worried about her newborn son contracting the virus in the hospital. So, that’s part of the reason the couple is opting for a home birth this time around.

Jamie, a nurse, says that the hospital is generally the safest place to give birth. Well, that’s what she learned in school, and it seems like she usually agrees with that. But, now she and her husband are having to make this decision for their family. And, due to the virus, they feel that a home birth is the safer option.

So, can you believe Jamie and Doug’s baby will be here soon? Leave a comment below.

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