Duggar: Ben Seewald Takes His Sons On An Adventure

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On YouTube, Ben Seewald uploaded a new video of his kids. He took Spurgeon, 4, and Henry, 3, on an adventure. Duggar fans love the idea and think the video is great.

In the video, Ben gives fans a glimpse into the little adventure. In one scene, the guys come across a deer carcass. But, Spurgeon is convinced it’s from a crocodile. He even has a strong argument based on the appearance of the carcass.

Ben pans the swamp area that they’re exploring. The boys are all decked out in their adventure gear. They brought bug cages along so they can catch some bugs as they explore. Spurgeon is even wearing a backpack. When Ben asks Henry if he thinks the trip is cool, Henry says, “Yeah, this is really cool.”

Ben reveals that they found a honeysuckle tree while walking around. In the video, Spurgeon calls a tarantula a “spantula.” He talks about the “spantula” being a big spider. Fortunately, the guys didn’t come across any “spantulas” on their walk.

In response to the video, Duggar fans point out that Spurgeon seems so smart. He is very curious about the things they find, and he likes to talk about what he’s discovering. He comes up with lots of theories about what they’re discovering. One fan said they’d love to listen to Spurgeon talk all day. They think he’s a clever little guy.

Fans are also happy to hear that Henry’s speech is improving. He doesn’t talk much in the video, but fans noticed that he’s able to speak clearly.

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald spend time outdoors with kids amid coronavirus

Due to the coronavirus, the Duggar-Seewald family is spending a lot of time in their backyard. On social media, Jessa is updating her followers about what they’re up to. They are building new playground equipment for the kids.

Jessa has even made YouTube videos of herself assembling the new playground equipment. Duggar fans love how serious Jessa and Ben are about the coronavirus. And, they think it’s great that the family is getting to spend so much time together. Ben and Jessa are certainly getting creative and finding ways to keep the kids occupied.

In addition to enjoying time outdoors, the Duggar daughter has been sharing new recipes on YouTube. She also filmed a couple of videos where she talks about her childhood. She dedicates one to her mom and one to her dad.

So, what do you think of Ben’s adventure with Spurgeon and Henry? Did you enjoy the video? Share your thoughts below.

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