Lauren Duggar Shares Special Items In Bella’s Nursery

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In a video from TLC, Lauren Duggar talks about Bella’s nursery. She’s holding Bella while showing off the baby’s nursery. She points out the special things in Bella’s room. Lauren reveals that Josiah Duggar built the bookshelves hanging in Bella’s room. He also built a rack to hang Bella’s hats and bows on. He made a curtain rod for her room too.

The couple also placed a special wooden box in Bella’s room. It belonged to Grandma Mary Duggar, who passed away last year. There’s a wooden truck in her room that belonged to Grandma Duggar too. Lauren says it’s “sweet and sentimental.”

Then, Lauren heads over to Bella’s crib and picks up Bella’s favorite animal. It’s a stuffed sheep that belonged to Lauren as a child. Lauren says that Bella “loves cuddling it.” And, she adds that Bella likes it as much as she did as a kid.

Lauren talks about her decision to use fake plants in Bella’s room. She says that lots of plants are poisonous, so she wouldn’t want to risk having those in Bella’s room. Plus, she doesn’t have to water them this way.

Lauren previously filmed a nursery tour on her Instagram stories, as reported by TV Shows Ace. This video shared by TLC’s Counting On was filmed by Josiah. It seems like TLC is working to bring extra content while shows may be delayed due to the coronavirus. Several Duggar family members have shared videos with TLC during this time. There’s no word on a renewal of TLC’s Counting On.

Update on Bella Duggar

In the video, the focus is on Bella’s nursery. So, Lauren doesn’t really talk about how old Bella is or what she’s up to. Luckily, Lauren and Josiah are fairly active on social media. They share an Instagram account and share updates about Bella as she grows.

Bella is now five months old. Lauren shared an update on Bella a couple weeks ago, saying, “We both cannot get over at what a dream baby, Bella is. She has the sweetest, most joyful, and content personality, and is always smiling and giggling. We are forever grateful to the Lord for blessing us with such a special gift!đŸ’›

Lauren shares that Bella started sleeping in her nursery this week. And, the little one is already doing a great job of sleeping on her own.

So, what do you think of Bella’s nursery? Do you like getting updates on Josiah and Lauren’s little family? Let us know in the comments below.

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