‘The Zoo’ Gives an Update On How Nadia the Bronx Zoo Tiger COVID-19 Patient is Doing

Tiger from Wikimedia Commons

If you are watching The Zoo on Animal Planet, then you are getting to know all about amazing animals. It turns out that they just gave an update on Nadia the Bronx Zoo tiger who has COVID-19. Everyone was shocked when they heard that a tiger tested positive.

The Zoo talks how Nadia is doing

It turns out that Nadia does have COVID-19, but that isn’t keeping this tiger down. She does have the same thing that people have, which is a bit shocking. Nadia is a four-year-old Malayan tiger who had a cough and wasn’t eating great. They decided to test her and it turns out that she is dealing with coronavirus.

Luckily, Nadia is supposed to make a full recovery. That is great news! So many people have died from this virus, that the tiger is very lucky to be doing so well. There was also a chance that a few others at the zoo could have been infected. It was really surprising to everyone to find out that a tiger had this deadly virus.


As you can see above, right now the Bronx Zoo is closed and they are asking everyone to stay home. They are taking good care of the animals and they will be there waiting for everyone when this is all over with.

What to expect on the new episode

The new episode of The Zoo will air on Saturday night. This is when viewers will get to see the update on Nadia, which is great. They are also going to talk about the coronavirus and how it affects animals. Everyone is curious if this is something that they could accidentally get from their pet or give them and this episode will explain a lot. If you have pets, this is a perfect one to check out.

This preview below from The Zoo on Facebook shares a bit about what you can see tonight.

This entire episode is based on tigers, so it looks like an interesting one. Gather the family together and check it out tonight. This is one that all of your family can enjoy, but there may be a bit of explaining to do about coronavirus to your younger children if you haven’t done it yet.

Don’t miss new episodes of The Zoo on Saturday nights on Animal Planet. It airs Saturday at 9/8c on Animal Planet. Right now, new episodes are airing each week, which is great.

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