‘Teen Mom 2’ Jenelle Evans And David Eason Update Fans On Relationship

Jenelle Evans and David Eason

In Touch breaks the latest news on Jenelle Evans and David Eason, formerly of Teen Mom 2. Keep reading to find out all the details on their relationship.

Jenelle and David Rekindle the Romance

In the Q&A above from Jenelle’s YouTube, she admits that she couldn’t afford the rent of her Nashville apartment. Also, taking into consideration the 11 acres and all the animals that her children love, Jennelle moved back into the home she shares with David.

Jenelle Evans tells Intouch Weekly, “So I’m not gonna [sic] lie. I contacted David first, and I said, ‘I’m sorry.’ And he contacted me back, and he said, ‘For what?’ And I just said, ‘We ended things abruptly, and I think we need to try to work things out for our family and  our marriage.’ and he said, ‘OK.'”


“Things are pretty good. [Like] I said, the kids are happy here, and we’re all happy here as a family. Feeling pretty blessed because I just realized when I was gone, what I was missing, and I wanted to come back home, and I did, and I’m happy I did,” reports Jenelle.

Couples Counseling


The couple plans to look into professional help is on hold during the pandemic. In the meantime, Jenelle and David put into place rules to (hopefully) keep the peace.

“[We’re] discussing issues before they blow up.”

“[We are] setting boundaries like no cussing [and] name-calling.”

They also try to “lower [their] tone of voices” when speaking to each other.

Jenelle notes, most importantly, they’re “listening to the other person when they ask for help.”

This is all solid advice for any relationship.

Janelle’s Other Relationships

Fans remember the tumultuous relationship between Jenelle and her mother (and any man Jenelle had in her life). TV Shows Ace reports that Babs helps the couple during the quarantine. Jenelle tells Intouch Weekly, “[We] get along great at the moment. I feel like we get along better than ever because we aren’t worried about what’s ‘right or wrong’ when it comes to living our lives and what’s going to be aired about us on TV. …My mom was always worried about pleasing the producers.” Jenelle attributes their fighting to that. It’s refreshing to see Jenelle’s confidence blossom since leaving the show as showcased in her response to body-shamers.


As for Kaiser’s dad, Nathan, “He doesn’t seem to care much now,” reports Jenelle. “Nathan calls Kaiser to FaceTime with him during the week, and that’s about it,” explains Jenelle.

Keep it tuned to TV Shows Ace for more updates on all your favorites from Teen Mom OG!

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