Duggar Fans Bash Jinger And Jeremy After Felicity Wears A Mask

Jinger Vuolo (Duggar) and Jeremy Vuolo

As TV Shows Ace reported Wednesday, Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo are now wearing masks during the coronavirus pandemic. They previously shared that they are practicing social-distancing, as required in Los Angeles, California where they live. In the posts they shared Wednesday, the couple reveals that they and their one-year-old daughter Felicity got matching Los Angeles Dodgers masks. But, Duggar fans aren’t happy that Felicity is wearing one.

Duggar fans point out that kids under two shouldn’t wear masks

As soon as Jeremy and Jinger shared their posts on social media, fans began weighing in on Felicity wearing her mask. Fans commented and pointed out that kids under two aren’t supposed to wear masks. This is because there’s a risk of suffocation. One follower writes, “Just a friendly reminder, I learned yesterday masks were not recommended for 2 and under! Their little bodies can’t process the air that gets stuck in the masks! ❤️ love y’all! Stay safe!!”

Along with that comment, other Duggar fans left similar ones. It seems that they’re pretty concerned about Felicity wearing a mask. In one of the photos, Jeremy is holding the mask on Felicity’s face. Felicity will turn two in July. While it’s close, those guidelines are set for a reason. It’s possible that Jinger and Jeremy don’t know that their daughter shouldn’t be wearing a mask. There’s simply a lot of talk about the need to wear a mask. Not many people are talking about small children wearing masks and that there are risks.


In another photo, Felicity’s doll is wearing it instead. So, it’s possible that Felicity only wore the mask for a quick photo.

The Vuolos are practicing social-distancing

Since the Vuolo family is practicing social-distancing, they likely won’t need to use the masks a whole lot. It’s likely that they’re only heading to the grocery store. And, it’s also likely that only one of them runs any necessary errands. They probably don’t all go out, so it’s possible Felicity doesn’t really need a mask. But, Duggar fans are definitely concerned and want to make Jeremy and Jinger aware of the risks.

Plus, the couple shares that a friend made the masks for them and mailed them. Perhaps they wanted to make sure Felicity wasn’t excluded. After all, some kids want to be just like their parents. But, Jinger says that Felicity isn’t a fan of the mask, which is why her doll is wearing it in one of the pictures.


Jeremy and Jinger are being very open with Duggar fans about the current situation. They are practicing social-distancing, and they’re staying safe by wearing masks if they leave. But, fans just don’t think it’s a good idea for Felicity to be wearing a mask.

So, do you think it’s a big deal that Felicity is wearing a mask in the picture? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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