Jennifer Aniston Says She Is A Born Agoraphobic

Jennifer Aniston

Friends star and 90’s heartthrob (present-day heartthrob?) Jennifer Aniston reveals to People that she hasn’t left the house in three weeks, but “is doing just fine.”


Aniston recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live. As the pair discuss how they’re handling COVID-19, Aniston, says, “I’m a born agoraphobia. This is kind of a dream- not a dream, it’s obviously a nightmare. But, for me, personally, it’s not been much of a challenge.”

Tips for dealing with quarantine

Aniston goes on to admit that there are challenges. She says, “The most challenging thing is watching [the] news and trying to digest [everything] that’s going on out there.” Going on, she says, “I allow a check-in in the morning, and then I’ll do a check-in in the evening, and that is because basically, it’s regurgitating the exact same thing.”

Aniston also shares that she has a newfound love for chores. She claims dishes as her favorite, mentioning, “because not only are you doing your dishes, but you’re washing your hands.”

Another thing Aniston does to stay busy during social distancing is re-organizing her home.

In an interview with Ellen Degeneres, also covered by People, Aniston gives more ideas about what to do while social distancing. When DeGeneres asks for things to do, Aniston responds, “Of things to do? Well, I do suggest a good spring clean right now while we’re at it. That can’t hurt.”

Aniston also recommends reading books.

Recognizing our heroes

Aniston also heartwarmingly used her time on Jimmy Kimmel to recognize a nurse from St. George, Utah. Kimball Fairbanks is currently on furlough after contracting COVID-19. She has two young daughters, four years old and 18 months old, that she is quarantined away from.

“Hi, honey, it’s so good to meet you. I have to say, God bless you and all of you that are out there doing what you’re doing. I just, I don’t even know how to express my gratitude to everything that you guys are doing, putting your health at risk and all of that. You’re just phenomenal,” says Aniston as she expresses her gratitude to Fairbanks.

Additionally, Aniston gifts Fairbanks with a $10,000 gift card, courtesy of Postmates. Postmates is also sending gift cards to the other nurses on Fairbanks’ floor at her hospital.

More on Postmates efforts

In light of the current situation, Postmates implements some changes to their business. Their blog outlines the delivery company’s changes. Of notable initiative is the launch of the Postmates Fleet Relief Fund. The fund is designed to help their fleet cover any medical expenses incurred concerning COVID-19. Furthermore, employees required to self-quarantine due to a positive diagnosis will receive funds up to 2-weeks lost income.

As for their customers, Postmates allows for non-contact delivery. This effort allows for the CDC recommended social distancing between Postmates and costumers.

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