Duggar Fans Worry As Jana Helps With Tornado Relief

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As TV Shows Ace reported, Jana Duggar and some of her siblings are helping with tornado relief efforts. As you might know, a tornado tore through Jonesboro, Arkansas over the weekend. So, some of the Duggar kids decided to pitch in. Jed and Jana both posted on Instagram and shared that they’re helping with the damage. Family friend Laura DeMasie also headed to Jonesboro to help.

On their social media posts, Laura, Jana, and Jed got plenty of support. Lots of Duggar fans are thanking the kids for pitching in and helping. They’re reminding the family to “stay safe,” and that they’re keeping them in their prayers. They think it’s really great that they are coming together during this difficult time.

But, not all of the comments on the kids’ posts are positive. Some of Jana’s followers are worried about her and the rest of the team due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Duggar fans express concerns

In response to Jana’s post, several of her followers expressed concerns over the family helping out during this time. Fans don’t have an issue with Jana and her siblings helping with tornado relief in most cases. They’ve been praised for their hard work in the past. But, some of her followers are genuinely concerned this time around. This is because of coronavirus. Some Duggar fans are worried that the team will end up catching it or spreading it.


One user wrote, “This is devastating. Pls know you still need to physical distance by 6’. You’re all way too close together. The last thing this community is going to need is to be hit with a surge of Covid cases.

Other Duggar fans mentioned the coronavirus and encouraged Jana and her siblings to “stay safe.” They appreciate her hard work with everything else going on in the world.

Though Jana didn’t respond to the comments, it’s likely that she and the team are doing their best to stay safe. Laura posted a picture on social media and wrote, “Social distancing is a real thing, but so is tornado relief. Proud to be part of a hardworking crew in Jonesboro, Arkansas today. Praying for all those affected by the storms yesterday!” It seems like the Duggar kids and Laura understand the risks, but they’re still wanting to help out after the tornado.


So, do you agree with Duggar fans that Jana should be more careful? Or, do you think it’s just good that she’s helping out? Leave a comment below.

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