Duggar Family Called Out For Family Night Amid Coronavirus

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On Monday evening, Anna Duggar shared a snap on her Instagram story. In the video she shared, several members of the family are gathered at Jim Bob and Michelle’s home. The Duggar family typically holds a family night on Mondays. But, it was assumed that these gatherings were put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic. Large gatherings aren’t allowed right now.

Shortly after Anna posted the video, she took it down. This is likely due to the negative response she received. It’s likely that her Instagram followers started calling her out for putting her family and others in danger.

Thanks to a Reddit user, whose username is Ruzanne, there’s evidence of Anna’s story. Ruzanne posted a screenshot of the story and also pointed out that there are “random people” at the house. After sharing the post on Reddit, other users began weighing in.

In response, one user writes, “The sad thing is they will more than likely pass it to someone vulnerable who can’t fight it off. 💔” Someone else pointed out that this family get-together might not end well.


Who was at the Duggar Family Night?

Reddit user Ruzanne added, “But see those two guys on the right? I don’t recognize them. There was also an unidentified woman sitting next to them (not in this screenshot).” The user adds that they counted around 18 people. This includes Lauren Duggar, Kendra Duggar, and Lawson Bates. Of course, several babies were there too.

Because Anna only shared a quick video, it’s hard to know who was at the family night for sure. But, it looks like there were more people there than should have been there amid the pandemic. Gatherings of more than 10 people have been discouraged. So, it’s unclear why the Duggar family isn’t following those guidelines.

Jessa Seewald previously said she isn’t going to her parents’ home

Previously, Jessa shared that she, Ben, and their kids are avoiding her parents’ home. Ben and Jessa are currently practicing social-distancing with their children. Jessa mentioned that her kids want to visit their grandparents and don’t understand why they can’t.

From the video, it doesn’t look like Ben and Jessa went to family night. So, it seems like they’re sticking with their original plan of practicing social-distancing.

Duggar family issues statement about coronavirus

As TV Shows Ace reported, Jim Bob and Michelle took to the family’s Facebook page to talk about the coronavirus. They wrote, “The one thing we do know is that even in the darkest days and in the most challenging times, we can put our trust and hope in God.” You can read the entire statement here. Some fans do believe that Jim Bob and Michelle seemed a bit too relaxed about the whole thing. So, maybe they aren’t taking it seriously and that’s why they’re still having a family night.

What do you think of the Duggar family continuing to have their weekly get-together? Do you think this is a risky choice due to the coronavirus? Share your thoughts below.

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