‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jade Cline Dealing With Health Issues, Family Member Has Coronavirus

Jade Cline Teen Mom 2 Instagram

Teen Mom 2 star Jade Cline is dealing with some health issues right now. This comes out after her Aunt Kim was diagnosed with coronavirus. Jade shared on Twitter saying, “Pray for my aunt Kim, she has tested positive for covid-19. She is extremely ill. Please send prayers her way. Thank you.” Starcasm shared the details about what is going on with this reality star.

Jade Cline shares about her health

At this time Jade is in Indiana, but she was at a hospital. Jade shared the details on her Instagram Story. She is known for updating fans on there. She said, “Pleas #stayhome unless advised by a medical professional to go to the hospital!” Jade Cline was told to go to the hospital and get checked out. This is the right thing to do if you are told to, which it sounds like she was told to come in.

Jade is not giving a lot of details right now. Instead, she is saying that she is being checked out. She even didn’t admit that it might be coronavirus. She did tell fans she would keep them updated, but everyone is waiting to hear back from her. In the photo, she does have on a mask. A little later she decided to update everyone.


Jade gives fans an update

A while later, Jade Cline went to her Instagram to give fans an update. It sounds like she is doing better. You can see below what she posted on her Instagram Story. As you can see, Jade is sitting next to her little girl and is happy to be home without a mask on.

Jade Cline Instagram

Luckily, she is back home and the mask is off. After being dehydrated, it sounds like that was all that was wrong with her. Hopefully, that is the case. She did share that they took tests and all came back good. The test for coronavirus doesn’t come back right away, but Jade didn’t mention that. Hopefully, nothing comes back later on and there is more wrong with her than she originally thought.

Don’t miss new episodes of Teen Mom 2 on MTV. Hopefully, Jade Cline will continue to update fans on how she is doing. Because of her aunt being sick, the fans would love to hear how she is doing and if Jade is feeling better. This is a scary time for everyone right now and a lot of the world is just staying home.

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