Duggar: What Are Ben And Jessa Seewald Doing While Social-Distancing?

Counting On star Jessa Duggar Seewald Instagram

People all over the world are social-distancing right now. This is to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, which is spreading all throughout the world. So, everyone is trying to keep busy while staying home. Many people are working from home during this time. Via social media, people are documenting their days in quarantine. Even some of the Duggar kids have shared about what they’re up to.

As TV Shows Ace reported, Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo live in Los Angeles, California. A “safer-at-home” order was declared. So, residents can only leave for groceries, medical needs, and other similar needs. Jeremy and Jinger have shared a little bit about their time indoors. Now, Jessa and Ben Seewald are sharing what they’re up to.

From what the couple has shared on social media, it looks like they’re enjoying a lot of time outdoors. Duggar fans remind them how good it is for them to get outside while social-distancing.

Ben shared a post featuring several pictures. Some are of Jessa and Ivy. There are also pictures of the boys, Spurgeon, 4, and Henry, 3. Ben writes, “We’re enjoying the warmer weather! We love experiencing the beauty of God’s creation in the great outdoors and making memories together.”


Jessa shares a quote from her kids

Jessa has started a Twitter hashtag for each of her kids. This is where she keeps track of all the cute and funny things they’re saying. So, in a recent Instagram post, she shared a couple of pictures of the boys outside together. As the caption, she included a conversation she had with them. She wrote,

“Me, talking to Ben: ‘I feel pooped.’
Henry: ‘You need to go in the potty?’
Me: ‘No, when I say ‘I feel pooped’ it means I feel tired.’
Spurgeon: ‘
No, that’s ‘guzausted’. Guzausted means you’re tired.'”

Duggar fans got a kick out of that conversation. They think it’s pretty funny to hear what kids have to say. They also think that Henry and Spurgeon are really clever kids.


Duggar fans love the new pictures of the kids

Ben’s and Jessa’s followers love seeing new pictures of Spurgeon, Henry, and Ivy. In response to the family’s posts, there have been a lot of sweet comments. When Ben shared a photo of Jessa holding Ivy in a carrier, tons of comments came in about how Ivy looks like Jinger, especially when she scrunches he nose.

Some Duggar fans agree that they’re the cutest of all the Duggar grandkids. No matter who their favorite family members are, most fans are happy to see new pictures of the kids, especially in times like these. The pictures of the sweet kids brighten their days. Seeing a little bit of positivity amid the sad news these days can make a big difference. So, fans hope that the couple will continue to share cute pictures and funny quotes from their kids.

What do you think of the new pictures from the Duggar family? Do you like seeing these pictures as the kids grow? Share your thoughts below.

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