Duggar: Jeremy And Jinger Vuolo Update Followers On L.A. Lockdown

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Much of the world is experiencing the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. In some places, residents can only leave their homes for medical needs, work, groceries, and similar reasons. It’s predicted that this will be happening in other areas soon. As of right now, Los Angeles, California is one of the cities that is on lockdown. This happens to be where Jinger Duggar and her husband Jeremy Vuolo live. They also have a twenty-month-old daughter, Felicity.

Many people are adjusting to this new way of life, but no one knows exactly how long it will last. Everyone is doing their best to stay indoors, including the Vuolo family. They decided to give their followers a little update about their lives due to this lockdown. According to the couple, they’re on lockdown until April 19. Duggar fans are happy to hear from the family and hope they continue to stay safe.

Jinger and Jeremy share about lockdown

Jeremy and Jinger have been pretty active on social media the past few days. With everyone in their homes, it makes sense that they would be spending more time on social media. On IG TV, Jeremy shared a couple of videos. He and Jinger talked about being on lockdown until April 19, and there’s a possibility that it will be extended. Felicity makes an appearance in one of the videos, which Duggar fans love. Jeremy and Jinger mention that she loves having both of her parents home all the time and getting a lot of attention. Then, Jeremy heads to his home office and gives his followers some scripture verses for encouragement.

In another post, Jeremy shared a picture of himself with his daughter. He reminds his followers about the fact that Los Angeles is on lockdown and he talks about staying home in order to keep the community safe. He adds that he’s grateful for all of the leaders who are helping with the issue. Because the Duggar son-in-law has been spending so much time with his daughter, he writes, “It’s times like these that make me appreciate every one of her laughs, every minute of her dancing around the house, and every new discovery as her curiosity unfolds.


Jinger also took to Instagram to share about what the little family’s up to. She shared a selfie featuring herself and Jeremy. She wrote, “We’ve been enjoying some much-needed spring cleaning, finding new recipes online to whip up, and running around the house and backyard chasing Felicity. Like everyone else, we’ve never experienced anything like this before. But it helps us realize how grateful we are for the gifts God has given us, especially our relationship with him and with each other.

She also talks about how they’re on lockdown and encourages her followers to “stay strong.” She gives them ideas to video call their family and friends, among other forms of communication at a distance.


Duggar fans love Jinger’s positive video

It seems like everyone is looking for a little bit of positivity right now. There are a lot of uncertainties, which can lead to stress and anxiety. So, Jinger posted a new video of herself and Felicity. In the video, Jinger is playing the piano. Felicity tries to join in and help. The video is truly heartwarming, as reported by TV Shows Ace.


It seems that this video is exactly what people all over the world need to see. Through these difficult times, a little bit of positivity goes a long way. Duggar fans love the video, but it’s safe to assume that plenty of other people could be uplifted by it these days.

Are you glad to hear that Jeremy and Jinger are staying safe? And, did Jinger and Felicity’s video make your day a little better? Share your thoughts below.

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