‘Bachelorette’ Hannah Brown Still In Florida With Tyler Cameron, What Is The Scoop?

Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron via Instagram

Fans of The Bachelorette are dying to know what is going on with Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron. There is tons of speculation that Hannah and Tyler are rekindling their romance. Others say the two are just friends. Let’s dissect their situation a bit and see if there is anything pointing one way or another.

Tyler and Hannah social distancing together

It all started when Tyler was spotted picking up Hannah from a Florida airport earlier in the week. Since then the two look like they are having tons of laughs as they social distance from the world together. People shared news of the two working out on the beach, while also having fun joking around with each other.

The fun didn’t stop with workouts and beach time. They have been posting hilarious TikTok videos that have fans truly wondering if there is more to their friendship. Following a game of volleyball on the beach. Hannah and Tyler, along with friends, made a TikTok in which they called themselves the the “quarantine crew.”


What do the TikTok’s mean?

Women’s Health shared some more speculation into the rumors. While in the beginning of their week together it seemed Hannah and Tyler were being sneaky, they are not now. They are even making snide comments on TikTok’s making everyone hopeful even more. One caption read, “BREAKING: Tyler finally got into Hannah’s pants.” Of course it wasn’t what most would think. They did the switch challenge on TikTok. Hannah is seen dancing then it switches to show Tyler dancing in her clothes.

Another TikTok shows two of their friends hold up masks—one has Hannah’s face on it while the other has Tyler’s face. “Hannah” pretends to hand “Tyler” a rose, but then pulls it away while “Can’t Touch This” blares in the background. The camera moves over to the actual Tyler, who gives the actual Hannah the side eye. “Jupiter’s better than Greece anyway…,” reads the video’s caption. This was in reference to Hannah’s final rose ceremony in Greece. We all know how that ended up.


Reddit user thinks Hannah and Tyler are more than friends

The question that has risen on Reddit is why would someone quarantine themselves with someone they were only friends with. And, even more so if they are an ex. The user wrote,  “They are clearly more than friends and clearly loving the attention and speculation, with the things they are posting. You do not leave your family and home in a pandemic to shack up with a guy in order to see if you make good FRIENDS.”

Most feel Hannah and Tyler are trolling on Bachelor fans and loving the attention. Everyone will just have to wait and watch closely to see if these two decide to give it another go. Hannah was just there for Tyler during one of the worst times of his life. He just lost his mother suddenly last month. Time will tell, but if Hannah and Tyler do decide to give it another shot, we are totally here for it.

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