Duggar Fans Are Impressed With Jana’s Art Skills

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With the current coronavirus pandemic, almost everyone is practicing social-distancing. Well, the government is advising them to, but not all of them are listening. But, many people are taking the virus seriously and staying in their homes. For some, this means more free time. Others are enjoying the family time or working from home. Jana Duggar shares that she’s perfecting her artistic skills.

In an Instagram post, she shared a positive message, saying, “Happy first day of Spring! 🌱 Spring always seems to bring a lot of HOPE along with it, and a reminder that there is so much to look forward to!” Along with the message, she shared a drawing of a duckling that she had just finished up. It looks very realistic.

Fans love Jana Duggar’s artwork

As usual, Jana is receiving lots of sweet comments from her followers on social media. They love the artwork and they’re so happy she shared it with them. One said, “Is there anything you can’t do😀” Many other followers asked the same question too. Others pointed out that Jana has many talents. They’re really impressed by how realistic the duck drawing looks.


Jana has impressed fans with her skills before

This isn’t the first time that Jana has impressed Duggar fans. She seems to be very crafty and has an eye for design. Some fans may recall that she is interested in design. She even renovated her parents’ master bedroom, and she shared about it. Jana loves gardening too. She seems to keep busy with that.

Whenever Jana shares about a new project she’s working on, Duggar fans love it. Some have even suggested that she gets her own show on HGTV. She and her brothers sometimes renovate houses together. So, it seems like it may be a good fit.

Jana seems to receive a lot of support from her followers. They encourage her no matter what she’s up to. In her recent post, featuring her impressive drawing, Jana gives her followers a little bit of encouragement too.


Jana addresses “uncertain times”

In her post, Jana mentions the “uncertain times” we’re experiencing right now. She says, “In these uncertain times, let’s try our best to behave like ducks: calm and unruffled on the surface, paddling like crazy underneath! 🦆”

Then, she adds, “I’ve been busy here working on some new things I hope to show you all soon!” There’s no doubt that her followers are looking forward to what she has in store. With more time at home, it’s possible that she’s getting some projects done. Maybe she renovated a few rooms at the family’s home. Or, maybe she’s starting her own small business with her artistic skills. It seems like there are lots of other possibilities too. Only time will tell, but it’s safe to say that Duggar fans can’t wait to find out what she’s doing next.

Duggar family addresses coronavirus pandemic

Recently, as TV Shows Ace reported, the Duggar family talked about the coronavirus pandemic. They encouraged their fans to take care of those in need, especially those who are at risk. They also mentioned that they’re praying and trusting God during this time.

It’s certainly a time of unknowns for a lot of people around the world. Duggar fans really seem to appreciate the family’s message about coronavirus. Some say that it is the positive message they want to see. If you’ve been following the coronavirus news, you know that not everything is uplifting. There are lots of scary statistics and facts in the news and other media. But, Michelle and Jim Bob’s statement made things a little easier for some of their followers.

So, what do you think of Jana’s artistic abilities? And, did you know she could draw like that? Share your thoughts below.

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