‘Counting On’ Jinger Duggar’s Message Of The Week

Jinger Duggar with daughter, Felicity

Fans notice Jinger Duggar posts to Instagram during the national coronavirus pandemic. Monsters&Critics reports Jinger only updates fans about once a week.

A Duggar Prayer


“In times like these when it seems like everything is falling apart, we must be reminded that our hope as Christians does not rest in the circumstances,” writes Jinger.  A photo of her daughter, Felicity, accompanies the message. Jinger’s overall message during the national coronavirus crisis is to put hope and trust in God during hard times.

Encouraging words of faith isn’t surprising coming from Jinger. This is for two reasons. Firstly, she is part of a family nationally know for their strength in faith. Also, her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, is a pastor.


During the coronavirus pandemic, fans assume that the Duggar Vuolo family is safely quarantined in California. Just before the quarantine, Jinger and Felicity traveled to Arkansas. Fans speculate that she was there to announce another pregnancy.  They went to celebrate Joy-Anna’s baby gender reveal. If she is expecting again, then she didn’t share the news.

Jinger also shared on Instagram, “Counting On is currently on hiatus but is expected to return later this year.” This leaves fans wondering if Jana Duggar’s new YouTube Channel may have some permanence.

Other Duggar Responses to Coronavirus

The Blast reports what Jill Duggar Dillard and Lauren Duggar are doing during the coronavirus pandemic.


Jill Duggar is the first Duggar family member to post about coronavirus pandemic preparations. Fans can read about her multi-store trip to find toilet paper on her blog, ‘Dillard Family.’ CheatSheet also quotes Jill, “So, amidst the pandemic, we are nearly out of toilet paper. The one item that people are going crazy for.”


With many families nationwide in quarantine/social-distancing, more are cooking at home: Josiah Duggar’s wife, Lauren shares gluten-free recipes on her Instagram. CheatSheet quotes Lauren telling fans on her Instagram story, “Many of ya’ll are probably cooped up at home because of the coronavirus. Same here. I thought I would do, like, a pretend ‘cooking show’ on what I eat since I’m gluten-free.”

Sadly, the trolls of Reddit took to this post like their momma never told them if they don’t have anything nice to say, not to say anything at all.

Of the many Duggars, many of them have yet to post about the coronavirus. Remember to follow the CDC’s guidelines to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Hopefully, Counting On will return for a new season soon.

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