Duggar: Is Jessa Seewald Wearing Pants Now?

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There are some things the Duggar kids can and can’t do. One of the best known rules is that the girls must wear skirts or dresses. They aren’t supposed to wear pants at all. But, now Jessa Seewald is giving pants a try. She posted a YouTube video about a DIY project she worked on. While fans were impressed with her skills, they were definitely interested to know if she’s starting to wear pants now.

Twice in the video, Jessa is spotted wearing two different pairs of sweatpants. Several Duggar fans commented and asked her if she’s wearing pants now. But, Jessa didn’t respond to those comments. No matter what, it seems that fans are pretty excited that Jessa is finding out what works for her. If she wants to wear pants, Duggar fans are here for it!

A few of her followers pointed out that she was working on refinishing a changing table. She wouldn’t necessarily paint a changing table in a skirt. Plus, she was at home with her family. So, maybe Jessa wears sweatpants or other types of pants at home. That might align with her family’s modesty standards more than wearing pants out of the house.

Jinger Vuolo wears pants now

Around the time that Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo moved to Los Angeles, California, Jinger started wearing pants. They have been in LA since summer 2019. This was a big deal. While Jinger was hiking to the Hollywood sign, a Counting On producer asked her about her decision to wear pants. She explained, “I chose to wear pants for the hike. We were gonna be going down some steep hills and so I thought it would be best to wear pants.”


Jinger continued, “We had conversations before I started wearing pants and just shared my heart with them and where I saw the Lord leading me. I was really grateful for their response. I’m really grateful for their hearts and how they’ve just instilled that in us kids.”

Michelle Duggar spoke about Jinger’s choice and seemed to be in support of it, saying, “It’s OK that my kids may have different convictions than me. I know that He’s leading them. And that’s the most important thing, is their walk, their relationship with God.”

Jill Dillard has abandoned several Duggar rules

Jill Dillard has also started wearing pants. She has started doing several other things outside of the Duggar family norms. For instance, she’s sending her son to public school instead of homeschooling him. She has a nose piercing. She only has two kids, Israel, 4, and Samuel, 2.


Some of these things aren’t groundbreaking for most families. But, with Jill’s family’s values in mind, they can be a pretty big deal.

Over the past few months, Derick Dillard has revealed some negative things about Jill’s family. It doesn’t sound like they are on great terms, but Jill started doing things differently a long time ago. Fans don’t think her lifestyle has necessarily damaged her relationship with her parents.

Duggar fans think it’s great that the kids are branching out

Whenever Duggar fans spot the adult kids in pants, they think it’s great. Fans agree that the kids are just figuring things out for themselves. And, the kids don’t necessarily see anything sinful about wearing pants. It seems that they have a lot of support from their family’s fans.

It’s unclear which Duggar kids are going to break away from their parents’ strict rules, but it’s inevitable that more will. After all, they’re adults and can make their own decisions. Their upbringing certainly plays a role in how they choose to act, but they are changing over time. It’s unlikely their parents expected them to abide by their rules forever anyway. And, fans point out that the kids aren’t harming anyone or breaking the law. They’re simply wearing different clothing than they did growing up.

What do you think of the Duggar girls wearing pants? Do you think it’s a big deal, or are they just doing their own thing? Share your thoughts below.

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