Is Jinger Duggar Changing Her Public Image?

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Many people know Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo because they’re associated with the Duggar family. That’s how Jinger has become popular on social media. Because she has gained a lot of followers on Instagram, she has been asked to partner with a few brands. But, some of those partnerships have fallen through. And, it looks like that has something to do with her family’s belief system.

What happens is that these brands will reach out to Jinger because she has 1.3 million followers. If she shares about a company and their products, a lot of her followers may make a purchase, which would then support the company. But, a few companies have dropped Jinger as soon as it’s brought to light that her family has conservative values. It seems that the family’s homophobic beliefs have an especially big impact on whether brands want to work with Jinger.

In a couple of cases, Jinger had already shared a social media post about the product. Then, the companies decided they no longer wanted to work with her.

Since Jinger and Jeremy moved to Los Angeles in summer 2019, at least three companies have chosen not to work with Jinger. Duggar fans believe that Jinger really likes the “influencer” lifestyle and wants to keep working with brands. But, how will she do that if brands keep letting her go?

Jinger seems to be stepping away from Duggar family

Jinger seems to be doing her own thing now that she’s moved away from her family. It’s the little things, such as wearing pants instead of skirts. And, her 20-month-old daughter Felicity dances, which is typically not allowed in the Duggar family. Jeremy and Jinger seem to be less frugal now that they’re living out in Los Angeles. They dine out often. They’re pretty busy exploring the area. The list continues. Basically, fans have seen a lot of changes from Jinger lately.

What fans have noticed is that Jinger is not the same as the rest of her family. She and her husband Jeremy seem to be living a more “normal” life in comparison to Jinger’s upbringing. And, fans are hopeful that will carry over so Felicity can live a normal life as well.

Is Jinger changing her public image to get more partnerships?

There are a couple of reasons that Jinger might be wearing pants and allowing her daughter to dance. She might really just be figuring out how she wants to live her life. She could be talking with Jeremy and reading into the rules her parents set for her growing up. Perhaps, she came to the conclusion that it isn’t a sin to wear pants or for toddlers to dance.

But, some fans are thinking that she’s trying to set herself apart from the Duggar name. Because she keeps losing partnerships, she might want to appear to be more modern or liberal. This isn’t to say she’s abandoning her religious beliefs or breaking the law. She’s simply choosing to appear more “normal” and like she doesn’t necessarily believe everything her family believes.

Do you think Jinger’s changing her public image? Or is she just figuring things out for herself? Share your thoughts below.

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