The Duggar Family Shares Statement About Coronavirus

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People all over the world are being affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Many people are social-distancing. They’re stocking up on groceries and toilet paper. Now, there’s even talk of a potential lockdown in the United States, restricting travel to medical, work, and grocery needs. This has already happened in some countries around the world. Some states or cities are choosing to do this on their own too. As TV Shows Ace reported, this is having an impact on your favorite reality TV families, especially the big ones. Until recently, the Duggar family didn’t share anything about their plan for the outbreak. But, they recently posted to their Facebook page to let their followers know how they’re doing and what they believe everyone should be doing.

On March 15, the family took to their official Facebook page to discuss the outbreak. They wrote, “We know that this Coronavirus situation is unprecedented.” They went on to talk about the uncertainties right now, specifically mentioning the impact on society and the economy. They continued, “The one thing we do know is that even in the darkest days and in the most challenging times, we can put our trust and hope in God.”

Then, they went on to encourage their followers to pray for each other. The family suggests praying for the leaders of the countries around the world. They have some tough calls to make.

Finally, they asked their followers to pray for the elderly, who seem to be the most at-risk.

They added hashtags, saying that they’re trusting God and praying. They also encouraged their fans to help others throughout this time. The message posted by the Duggar family was accompanied by a photo featuring a bible verse about trusting God. Based on their statement and the picture, it seems that the family’s focus is on trusting God and helping others. They seem to be pretty relaxed about the whole ordeal. You can read the whole statement and see the post here.

Duggar fans react to new post from Duggar family

Many of the Duggar family’s followers choose to keep up with them via social media. Many of the adult kids use Instagram regularly, and they’ve gained a lot of followers on their own Instagram accounts. It’s unclear who runs the Duggar family Facebook and Instagram pages. Some fans believe it’s Jana. Others think it’s Jim Bob and Michelle.

No matter who runs the accounts, fans like what the family had to say amidst the coronavirus outbreak. They love the family’s positivity and encouraging words at this time. Fans in the comments section agreed with the family’s post. They added that they are trusting God and praying during this time. Some said that the family’s post came at the perfect time. There’s certainly a lot of negative and scary messages about coronavirus right now. So, fans of the family are happy to see even a little bit of positivity at this time.

What do you think of the Duggar family’s post? Do you think that they are sending a good message to their followers? Share your thoughts below.

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