Duggar: Jill Dillard Shares Her Grocery Trip During Coronavirus Outbreak

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Like most people around the world, even celebrities and reality TV stars are heading to the grocery store right now. As TV Shows Ace reported, some of the larger reality TV families might be struggling to stock up enough. The Duggar family just released a statement about the coronavirus outbreak. They are focused on trusting God throughout this difficult time. They’re also encouraging their followers to pray for those in need.

Another family member has addressed the current situation at hand. Jill Dillard took to her Instagram stories to take her followers along on a trip to the grocery store. She revealed that she was trying to track down some toilet paper. She made it very clear that she isn’t stocking up for the coronavirus. The family was simply running low on a few things. One of those, unfortunately, happened to be toilet paper.

In her Instagram stories, she revealed that Derick had already tried to find toilet paper at a few stores. So, Jill had to go out with her two young sons, Israel and Samuel, to try to locate some toilet paper. She shared that they found some at Walmart after checking Sam’s Club.

Jill also shared that her sons don’t really go with her to Walmart. The family has been using grocery pickup instead of going into the store to shop. She points out that that’s a big problem for her because her kids don’t know how to act in a grocery store.

Jill Duggar shared all about her trip to the grocery store in a vlog, which she posted on YouTube.

Jill Dillard writes blog post about coronavirus

In addition to sharing about her grocery trip on YouTube and Instagram, Jill wrote an entire blog post about what her family’s doing right now. She mentioned her grocery trip and added that Derick’s college courses have been moved online.

So, right now, the family is trying to figure out what their new “normal” is. In the post, Jill encourages her followers to focus on helping others. She wrote, “Personally, we are limiting our movement outside of our home to do our part to limit spread of the virus, especially for those at greater risk. We have also reached out to family and friends to share our resources. And after living in other countries ourselves, we try to be more aware of the added difficulties some of our international friends face when crisis hits, so we have been in contact with them too.”

Duggar fans think Jill is staying really calm

Because of the current situation in the United States and the rest of the world, some people are freaking out. There’s a lot of uncertainty and anxiety around the whole pandemic. And, plenty of people aren’t exactly sure how to handle everything. Some worry that they’re overreacting, while others wonder if they’re doing enough.

Based on Jill’s video, fans think she’s doing a good job of staying calm. Some wonder if she’s taking this seriously or not. But, most of them seem to appreciate that she’s not panicking too much. Plus, lots of people keep buying too many groceries and none are left for the people who really need them. Jill seemed to be buying just what she needs, which made her followers happy. Of course, Jill happened to be out of toilet paper right when everyone else was stocking up. But, as mentioned, she only bought as much as she needed.

What do you think of Jill Duggar Dillard’s message about the coronavirus pandemic? Do you agree with what she had to say? Share your thoughts below.

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