Duggar: Ben Seewald Shared The Cutest Picture Of His ‘Crew’

Duggar: Ben Seewald Instagram

Ben Seewald is one member of the Duggar family who doesn’t always post on social media. He shares the occasional photo, but he doesn’t post as often as his wife, Jessa Seewald, and other family members do. When Ben does post on social media, the photos are usually of his three kids. So, fans are always pleasantly surprised when Ben shares a new picture.

Over the weekend, Ben shared a new picture of all three of his kids together. In his caption, he refers to them as his “crew.” He adds, “I love these kids.” The photo features all three kids sitting outside together. Both Spurgeon and Henry have their arms around their little sister, Ivy. They seem to be obsessed with the newest Seewald addition.

Several Duggar fans pointed out the special bond the kids have. One said, “You can tell how much Spurgeon and Henry love Ivy and will always be great big brothers for her! So precious ❤️❤️❤️” Another added that “Ivy is loved.”

Plenty of other comments came in about how cute the three kids are in this new photo. They definitely seem to be favorites of Duggar fans. They always get a lot of attention on social media.


Ben Seewald and Jessa Duggar’s family

Ben and Jessa got married on November 1, 2014. In just five years of marriage, they’ve had three kids together. Their oldest is Spurgeon, and he’s four years old. Henry is three years old. Ivy is nine months old. It’s unclear how big their family will be when they’re done having kids, but Ben has already made it clear that he will not have a family with 19 kids. But, Jessa recently shared in a YouTube video that she hopes to have more children. She even talked about using modern medicine for those future deliveries, which is something she hasn’t done in the past.


Since Ivy is only nine months old, it’s unlikely fans will see a pregnancy announcement from the family anytime soon. Of course, Duggar fans are patiently awaiting news of another pregnant Duggar woman. As of right now, we don’t know whether anyone is pregnant. They could be hiding it, or maybe they’re all taking a break.

In the meantime, fans are loving the pictures they see from all of the Duggar kids. They like to see the cute photos that each of the grown children share of their own kids.

What do you think of the new picture of Ben’s “crew”? Do you love seeing new updates from the family? Share your thoughts below.

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