Duggar Fans Are Loving The New Vuolo Family Photo

Duggar husband Jeremy Vuolo Instagram

On Thursday evening, Jeremy Vuolo took to Instagram to share a new picture. It features himself, his wife Jinger Duggar, and their daughter, Felicity. Felicity is about 20 months old now. He calls his family his “happy place.” Fans agree that they can clearly see the love in the picture.


When is this new picture from?

Fans noticed that Jeremy tagged the airport that he and his family were at. They’re at the Hollywood Burbank Airport. But, this picture might not be recent. It looks familiar to Duggar fans, and that’s likely because the family has shared it before.

As TV Shows Ace reported, Jinger went to Arkansas to visit her family. When she shared that, via her Instagram stories, this picture was also shared. The picture from that time can be seen here. So, it seems that they took this picture prior to Jinger and Felicity’s flight a couple of weeks ago.

Knowing that the Vuolos aren’t actually at the airport right now puts worried Duggar fans’ minds at ease. A few comments on the photo mentioned concern over coronavirus. They wanted to make sure that Jinger and Jeremy are traveling safely. And, of course, fans are curious about where the family might be traveling to. Now, it seems that they aren’t flying anywhere.

Duggar fans react to new photo

Because Jeremy has been quiet on social media for a couple of weeks, fans were even more excited to see the new post that he shared. It’s unclear why he didn’t post for so long, as he and Jinger usually post lots of pictures of their lives in Los Angeles, California.

As usual, Duggar fans loved the new family picture shared by Jeremy. In just nine hours, the post received over 25,000 “likes.” It reached Jeremy’s 667,000 followers quickly, and they are reacting to it in the comments section.

Many comments say that the family is beautiful. A couple of Jeremy’s followers can’t believe how quickly Felicity is growing up. Overall, the post got a lot of love from Duggar fans.

What’s next for the Duggar-Vuolo family?

It’s not clear exactly what Jeremy and Jinger have planned for their family as of right now. Jinger recently dropped a hint that they plan to stay in Los Angeles. Fans agree that the family really seems to like it there, so why would they leave?


Jeremy is currently at the Master’s Seminary, so a lot of the family’s decisions might depend on when he gets out of school. They could move if he gets a job elsewhere, but, because they love Los Angeles, they may try to stay there.

Fans have long been speculating when another baby will come along for the family, but they seem content with Felicity. Maybe, they’re spacing their kids out more than Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar did and some of Jinger’s siblings have.

What do you think of the new family photo? Share your thoughts below.

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