‘The Bachelor’ 2020: Peter Weber, Madi Confirm They Have Already Split

Peter Weber with Madi Instagram

The Bachelor 2020 just came to an end on Tuesday night. At the time Peter Weber and Madison Prewett said they were still together. It was obvious his family didn’t love her. Now, the couple has already confirmed that they have split.

Peter Weber, Madi confirm split

Tonight Madison went to her Instagram to confirm that they have already split. This was only about 48 hours after the show ended. Fans thought it was odd when this couple never went to do any talk shows. Usually, the couples make the rounds when the season is over.

You can see what she had to say below. It sounds like she is a lot happier that she met the women on the show than Peter, but they did just split.


Peter makes his own post

Peter made his own post at the same time as her. He didn’t hold back either. It is pretty obvious that they made the decision to post this together.


Rumors did fly that Peter might be connecting with Kelley again. The thing is she is saying that he needs to be alone for a while. It will be interesting to see if he meets up with any of the girls from his season or Bachelor Nation. Who knows he could end up on Bachelor in Paradise.

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