Duggar: Jessa Seewald Talks Kids’ Births

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In a new YouTube video, Jessa Duggar Seewald talks about her kids’ births. She and husband Ben Seewald have three kids, Spurgeon, 4, Henry, 3, and Ivy, 9 months. She revealed that she has had three natural births. But, she gives a disclaimer about this, saying, “Natural childbirth doesn’t make me any more of a woman, nor do I think it’s the only way birth should be done. I have nothing against hospitals or epidurals— and in fact, I may give both a try if God were to bless us with another baby in the future. ”

In her video, Jessa reveals that she took birth classes, watched videos, and read books. She had even been at some of her siblings’ births. But, she says, that it’s “hard to grasp until you’ve actually been through it.”


She shares that she asked her sister-in-law Anna Duggar to give her some advice. Anna suggested walking up and down the stairs or doing lunges on the stairs to induce labor. If you’ve seen the birth special for Ivy, you will recall seeing Jessa lunge up and down the stairs at her parents’ home.

Jessa told Ben she didn’t want more kids after Spurgeon

Along with her video, Jessa shared some details about how she felt about having kids. Duggar fans may be familiar with the births of Jessa’s kids, thanks to TLC. While Jessa was giving birth to Spurgeon, she actually told her husband that she didn’t want to do it again. She claims that she “meant it.” Of course, she changed her mind, as she now has three kids. She writes, “As the months went by, the memory of the intensity and pain faded. Our baby boy was just so cute and sweet, and pretty soon I started envisioning him as a big brother interacting with a little sibling. Before I knew it, that previous resolution was thrown out the window, and God graciously gave us another gift— Henry!” A little while later, Ivy was born.

In the video, she describes her labor with Spurgeon as being “horrible.” She tried so many positions and tried the birth pool. She said it didn’t work for her though. At one point, she got so desperate that she was going to go to the hospital for an epidural. But, her birth team encouraged her to try to have the home birth she wanted. They said she was making progress.

After Spurgeon was finally born, Jessa’s bleeding didn’t stop. So, she spent 24 hours in the hospital.

After she describes all of this, it makes sense why she would say she didn’t want more kids. But, it seems that things changed pretty quickly.

Henry’s birth

When Jessa was pregnant with Henry, she planned to have another home birth. Shortly before he was born, she used an at-home doppler to check on him. At one point, there was no heartbeat, which caused her to panic and they almost left for the hospital then. But, the plug on the doppler fell out, which helped her understand that it was just loose. She said they were able to hear his heartbeat and they were relieved.

This time around, things were easier for her. Henry ended up being born on the couch instead of the bed so Jessa could be in a better position. He was born quickly. She said her recovery was fast too, and she didn’t have bleeding problems.

Duggar granddaughter Ivy arrives

Jessa explains that she loves home births, but she wanted to try something different this time around. They planned on a hospital birth and found a nurse midwife, who she says “does everything that an OBGYN would do.” Her midwife had said that she had to go out of town though. Jessa wasn’t concerned at that point because her kids are always late.

Of course, this time around, Ivy decided to come early. So, they had to call a backup midwife. Once again, the labor was quick, which Jessa appreciated.

As Duggar fans know, Ivy didn’t end up being born in a hospital. If you’ve watched the birth special, you know that the baby was born on the couch at home, just like Henry was. Jessa ended up going to the hospital for pitocin after Ivy was born.

Duggar birth specials on TLC

If you’ve been a fan of 19 Kids & Counting and Counting On on TLC, you may recall that the network has aired birth specials before. Ivy’s birth special was recently aired. Plus, the births of Duggar babies Bella and Addison are available to stream.

Abbie and John-David opted for a recording of her labor with baby Grace. But, the birth special didn’t share as many details as most of the women allow. They didn’t choose to show the actual birth of their daughter.

What do you think of Jessa’s birth stories? Do you like hearing about them? You can watch the whole video here.

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