Josiah And Lauren Duggar’s ‘Little Angel’ Is Four Months

Si and Lauren Duggar Instagram

Over the weekend, Bella Milagro Duggar celebrated a special milestone! As her parents announced on social media, the baby girl is now four months old. They shared a sweet picture of her on their shared Instagram account. In the picture, she’s got a big, gummy smile on her face. She’s wearing a beige dress with embroidered cacti on the chest. As usual, the little one is wearing a bow on her head. This time, it’s pale pink.

Since her parents share an Instagram account, it’s not always clear who’s posting the pictures. But, most fans agree that it’s likely Lauren. At least, they assume it’s her most of the time. Whoever posted the photo also wrote, “These 4 months with Bella have been the absolute sweetest!💞 This little angel greets everyone she meets with the biggest smile🥰 We love this little girl to pieces and feel so blessed to be her parents! God is so good!

Duggar fans love the new picture, especially Bella’s dress

A few of the family members had something to say about the new picture. Anna, Josiah’s sister-in-law wrote, “I LOVE her little dress! Perfect for spring! 👶🏼🌵😍“. Jessa Seewald added that the picture is “adorable!!” It seems like the whole family loves little Bella, as well as Duggar fans.

In the comments section of the post, a lot of Duggar fans asked about where they bought the little cactus dress. Lauren and Josiah revealed that it’s from Liv Savvy Creations. They also mentioned, “They have the cutest little dresses!”

Other fans were focused on Bella and how adorable she looks. They can’t believe how fast she’s growing. And, of course, they love her sweet little smile.

Josiah and Lauren share regular updates

On social media, the Duggar couple often shares posts about their baby girl. They documented the big news that she learned how to turn herself over. Other exciting milestones have been shared on social media too.

This is the perfect way for them to keep up with Josiah and Lauren when Counting On isn’t airing new episodes. Plus, the TLC show isn’t up to date on their lives due to the filming and production process. With how fast the little ones grow, it’s hard for the network to keep up.

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo hinted at another season of Counting On and that it’s being filmed currently. Stay tuned for more updates about the Duggar family and the upcoming season of the family’s show.

Can you believe Bella is already four months old? What do you think of that little dress? Share your thoughts below.

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