Duggar: Josiah And Lauren Celebrate 2nd ‘Engagementversary’

Si and Lauren Duggar Instagram

On Monday, Josiah and Lauren Duggar revealed that they got engaged two years ago. They shared a post on their joint Instagram account. There, they have 770,000 followers, so they have gotten a lot of attention over the celebratory post.

They posted a couple of photos of themselves together. In the post, they refer to the special day as their “engagementversary”.

Josiah writes, “I can’t believe it’s been two years ago today that I asked Lauren to marry me… you can guess what she said…These years have been the best years I’ve had in my whole life.”

Josiah and Lauren Duggar’s relationship and marriage

Josiah and Lauren got engaged in February 2018. Then, they got married on June 30, 2018. They only courted for five months before they got married.


Then, in late 2018, they suffered a miscarriage. In November 2019, they welcomed a baby girl to their family. They named the little one Bella Milagro. They are already planning on having a large family.

So, Josiah and Lauren have experienced a lot of life in the past couple of years. Not everyone dates, gets engaged, gets married, has a miscarriage, and has a baby in just over two years.

Duggar fans are huge fans of this couple. They think they’re really sweet together and are looking forward to seeing what’s next for them.

Did Josiah or Lauren share the post?

This time, it looks like the post came from Josiah. Because they share an account, it’s not always clear who’s sharing. Some posts specifically state who posted them. But, fans have doubts about Josiah actually using social media and think Lauren’s behind it all.

On Reddit, Duggar critics are assuming that Josiah didn’t write this one, even though his name is on it. But, no one really knows who wrote it. Still, fans of the couple think it’s really sweet.

Duggar fans react to new post

In response to the sweet post, fans of the family are leaving their best wishes. They can’t stop talking about how cute the couple is and how much they love them.

Some are saying that they can’t believe that it’s already been two years.

Duggar fans are excited to watch Josiah and Lauren, and their family, grow over the years.

Can you believe that Josiah and Lauren got engaged two years ago? Do you remember hearing the exciting news? Share your thoughts and wishes for them in the comments section.

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