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Duggar: Israel Dillard Is Heading To Kindergarten This Fall

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Duggar fans know that the kids were all homeschooled by Michelle. Right now, the number of kids at home is decreasing. But, the kids of school age are homeschooled. Jessa’s husband, Ben Seewald, sometimes helps Michelle teach them too. Homeschooling is an important part of the family’s life.

For years, Duggar fans have assumed that the grandkids will be homeschooled too. But, with several of the grown kids making their own lives for themselves, there’s a chance that some of their kids will attend public school.

Jill Dillard breaks the mold

Jill previously shared homeschooling tips and resources on Instagram. But, it seems that her plans have changed.

On Friday evening, Jill posted a video to YouTube. In the video, she shows her family at Israel’s kindergarten registration. Israel will turn five in April. Even though school doesn’t start until fall, registration starts early.

In the video, Jill shared about the night before registration. She also took fans along to registration. Throughout the video, Israel seems excited to be there. At kindergarten registration, Israel had to do some screening to make sure he is prepared for kindergarten. In the video, Jill says the school went over it with them and that Israel did well on it. Derick adds that he’s ready for kindergarten.

Since Jill and Derick are no longer a part of TLC’s Counting On, fans love to keep up with them via social media. So, Duggar fans still get to be a part of their lives and these big moments.

Duggar fans and critics react to Israel going to public school

Israel going to public school is major news. It’s a big deal for Jill because her little guy will be going off to kindergarten. That’s a bittersweet moment for all parents. But, Duggar fans are especially surprised to hear about it.

Jill posted the video to YouTube on Friday evening, but she posted about it on Instagram on Saturday morning. So, a discussion started in the comments section. Some fans aren’t so sure that this is the best move. Some of her followers warned her of the “dangers” of public school and what’s being taught there.

Several of her followers are sharing their negative experiences with public school. Lots of others are praising Jill and Derick for making a decision for themselves. They think it will be good for Israel to make new friends. From Jill’s post, it seems like the four-year-old is excited.

On Reddit, Duggar critics discussed the news too. Most of them are applauding Jill for doing her own thing. One said, “OMG!! Way to go, Jill!!!!” Someone else said, “I know we snark on Jill a lot but I’M ROOTING for you we’re all Rooting for you. (Insert Tyra gif here)”

Another was surprised by how much Jill has changed over the years. They wrote, “if you told me five years ago that jill would be the duggar to put their child in real school and wear pants i never would’ve believed you”.

Why does the Duggar family homeschool their kids?

Previously, Michelle talked to TLC about their choice to homeschool their children. The mom of 19 said she wanted “to do a Christian-based curriculum – one in which there’s a lot of character emphasis, character building like responsibility, honest, self-control.”

As fans know, the family is conservative and Christian. So, some fans argue that they are trying to teach their kids what they want them to know. Some fans believe that they’re sheltering their kids from the “impure” things of the world. No matter what their real reasoning is, the Duggar family has decided that homeschooling works best for their family.

Which of Jim Bob and Michelle’s grandkids are homeschooled?

So far, Josh and Anna Duggar are one of the only couples with school-aged children. Anna has shared about homeschooling her kids on social media. The mom of six stays busy. Jessa and Ben Seewald are also homeschooling their kids, as they’ve shown on social media.

All of the other kids in the family are too young to go to school, but they are quickly approaching kindergarten. There are a few who are of preschool age and it’s unclear what they are doing at the moment. They could be learning at home. Or, their parents just haven’t revealed that they attend preschool.

Over the next few years, there will be more grandkids starting school, whether that’s at home or at public or private school. Duggar fans are interested to see what happens with all of that.

What do you think of Israel going to public school? Are you surprised? Leave a comment below.

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