‘Unexpected’: McKayla Adkins Opens Up About Breakup

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Over the weekend, Unexpected star McKayla Adkins revealed that she’s be making a new YouTube video. She said that the video would be “explaining things.” She also mentioned that she would do the best she could.

The teen mom said, “It might be my last video but I’ll talk a little bit about that once I post.”

Previously, she had said she was quitting Instagram and YouTube, as well as all other social media. This came as a surprise to her followers because she has shared that she makes money from sponsored posts and YouTube videos. So, she’s essentially saying she will be quitting her job.

On January 29, TV Shows Ace reported that McKayla and her boyfriend Caelan Morrison had split. Caelan is the father of her two kids, Timothy and Gracelynn.

Unexpected – McKayla opens up about breakup

In a YouTube video Tuesday, McKayla talks about the breakup. She mentions that their relationship hasn’t been good for a while and that they were fighting all the time. She also said that things got controlling and that she “wasn’t allowed to do anything without him with me.”

According to McKayla, “he was being obsessive.” She said that she felt like “the relationship was going in a bad direction.”

The young parents went to counseling, and McKayla also went on her own. But, Caelan didn’t want to work at the issues because they made him look bad.

The Unexpected star also revealed that the police were called on her because she was harming herself and possibly harming the kids too. So, the police did a well check, and nothing was actually wrong.

McKayla claims that she was paying all of the bills. Caelan apparently didn’t pay for anything. McKayla has since moved back in with her grandparents, but she already paid for this month of rent, so Caelan is living there for free.

She revealed that she didn’t ever see herself marrying Caelan. But, in the end, she was just unhappy. She said, “I know I did what was best for me and the kids. Because the kids, you know, they don’t deserve two parents who are together pretty much for them…” She continues, “There should be two people in the home who love each other.”

Caelan also hasn’t asked to see the kids in three days. McKayla thinks the situation is about making her look bad and that it hasn’t nothing to do with the kids.

Is she still quitting social media?

In her video, McKayla revealed that she isn’t sure if she’s staying on social media or not. She loves her job, which includes using social media, so she hasn’t decided yet.

Only time will tell whether McKayla actually quits using social media and YouTube.

What do you think of all the drama between McKayla and Caelan? Do you think this is really the end of their relationship? Leave a comment below.

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