Does ‘This Is Us’ Air On February 4?

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 Unfortunately, shows on NBC don’t always air on a consistent schedule. Because the network also airs political programming, sometimes the TV shows we all love get pushed aside. Because of this, fans of This Is Us are concerned about whether the next episode airs on Tuesday, February 4. Let’s see whether it’s on and what to expect.

Does This Is Us air Tuesday, February 4?

Sadly, the show doesn’t air on Tuesday, February 4. This is because of the State of the Union. According to NBC’s official schedule, the State of the Union begins at 9pm. Prior to that, at 8pm, Ellen’s Game of Games airs. Then, after the State of the Union, the news comes on at 11pm. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is on at 11:30pm.

So, because of the State of the Union, the next episode of This Is Us has been postponed. It will air on Tuesday, February 11 instead.

What to expect on the next episode

If you’ve been watching the past couple of weeks of the show, you know that we have seen Randall’s “Hell of a Week” and Kevin’s too. Naturally, Kate’s is up next.

We know that something happens between teenage Kate and her boyfriend, Marc. It seems pretty serious, but we have no clue what it actually is yet.

A lot of fans have started making predictions based on the clips we’ve seen so far. They think that Marc might be emotionally or physically abusing Kate. This is one of the most common ideas fans have come up with. Others think it might’ve just been a really bad fight. Some think that Marc left Kate out in the woods by herself due to a fight.

Present-day Kate is also dealing with some relationship issues. Things are rocky for her and Toby. In Kevin’s episode, she revealed this to him. So, maybe he will help her work through some of those issues.

Of course, anything is possible. This is all speculation from fans based on what’s been shown in previews and other episodes. The writers might surprise us as they often do. There will likely be at least one or two surprises in the upcoming episode.

What do you think will happen in the next episode of This Is Us? Leave a comment below with some of your ideas!

Don’t miss This Is Us when it returns to NBC on Tuesday, February 11 at its regular time. In the meantime, stay tuned for more news from TV Shows Ace.

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