‘Bringing Up Bates’: Trace Bates And Chaney Split

On Monday, Trace Bates of UPtv’s Bringing Up Bates revealed some sad news. The 23-year-old shared that he and his girlfriend, Chaney, have split up.

In September, the two officially began dating, as reported by TV Shows Ace. Prior to the official news, there were countless rumors and lots of speculation about the two dating.

Though their relationship was short-lived, it seems to have affected Trace. He opened up about the breakup on social media. He wanted to clear up some confusion and offer answers to his followers.

Trace Bates talks breakup

Now, Trace and his girlfriend Chaney have split. The relationship recently came to an end, as Trace explained in an Instagram post.

The Bringing Up Bates star posted a picture of himself in nature. He wrote a long, heartfelt caption, in which he announced the breakup and revealed some of the details of their relationship and breakup too.

In his post, Trace says, “Sometimes in life you face things you never expected. After many hours of talking and visits, Chaney felt like we were not meant to continue our relationship. Since we are both young, we are still learning a great deal about relationships and communication, but we both feel like we have grown as a result of our time together.”

Then, he continued, “Chaney is a very special girl and always will be. I am so grateful for our time together.”

His followers left him with encouraging comments and wished both him and Chaney the best. His parents reminded him that, “God has a plan!” In his post, Trace thanked all of his followers for their love and encouragement.

Trace mentions Bringing Up Bates

The main reason that Trace made an entire post about his breakup is because of his family’s TV show. The new season of the show is right around the corner, so fans will be able to watch it on UPtv again soon.

In his post, he explained that he wanted to “avoid confusion”. This is because Chaney and Trace were still dating when some of the episodes in the upcoming season were filmed. So, viewers will still see her on the show. But, in reality, the couple has broken up.

Apparently, Trace’s followers have been asking about Chaney too since he hasn’t posted about her in a while. He wrote, “I thought it would be best to do a post to explain that we are no longer dating.”


Are you surprised to hear the news that Trace and Chaney broke up? What do you think of his new post? Leave a comment below.

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