What’s Jana Duggar Up To In Las Vegas?

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Via social media, Jana Duggar revealed that she’s in Las Vegas. Fans recognized the city because of a couple of pictures she shared on her Instagram stories. But, this was before she revealed why she‘s there.

It turns out that Jana is in Las Vegas for the Las Vegas Market. There’s a Gift & Home Décor event that Jana and her friend Laura DeMasie are likely attending. Several of their other friends are there too.

While she was there, she posted on her Instagram stories and on her main page. In her post, she thanked her friend Laura for inviting her. She said, “Such a pleasure seeing gorgeous product designs by artisans around the world! I still have a lot to learn but I am so blessed to have met and learned from so many designers and inspirational entrepreneurs this week!”

In response, lots of Duggar fans wished Jana the best on her path. They know she’s been interested in design for years. It’s unclear what exactly Jana plans to do next. But, she often documents her renovations at her parents’ home.


Her sister-in-law Anna commented and said that she is excited to hear about it. She also said that Jana looks gorgeous in the second picture.

Jim Bob Duggar joins Jana in Las Vegas

Jim Bob, Jana’s dad, also joined her on the trip. Fans and critics alike aren’t sure how to feel about him tagging along.

It’s possible he went on the trip to spend time with his daughter. The two of them certainly seem close. But, it’s worth noting that Jana is 30 years old. So, fans think she could’ve handled the whole trip on her own. After all, her family has done plenty of traveling so she has some experience.

Someone on Reddit noticed that the rest of the Duggar family didn’t appear to be on the trip. They wrote, “If they are indeed the only two Duggar family members on this trip with HER friends, that speaks volumes about how controlling this man is.” Others thought that the picture just looks creepy and that Jim Bob’s hands shouldn’t be on his daughter like that.


Someone else joked that Jim Bob is Laura and Jana’s chaperone. There have been rumors that the girls are dating, but those rumors have been shot down many times.

What do you think of Jana’s travels? Are you surprised that Jim Bob tagged along? Leave a comment below.

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