Anna Duggar Shares About Kids’ Bedtime Routine

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On Tuesday evening, Anna Duggar shared about her kids’ bedtime routine.

The former 19 Kids & Counting star has six kids. Mackynzie is 10, Michael is 8, Marcus is 6, Meredith is 4, Mason is 2, and Maryella is two months old.

With such a large family, getting everyone ready and settled down for bedtime can’t be an easy task. But, Anna shared about it in detail and seems to be making time for the important things. She wants to make sure her kids have a great routine in the evening before going to bed.

In her post, the Duggar daughter-in-law posted two photos. The first one is of Mackynzie, Marcus, and Meredith reading together on the couch. The second picture is one of the pages of the book.

In her caption, she explains that they are reading about Laura Ingalls Wilder. She says, “We love to add a bedtime story like this to start the evening routine along with reading our scripture passage. We then usually sing a hymn together and we try to always close with family prayer time.”

Then, she continues, “It’s great to hear input from our kiddos and give them one to share their special memories from the day.”

At the end of her post Anna asks her followers for more suggestions. This helps Anna to come up with new things to add to the family’s bedtime routine. It also gives other families ideas for their own bedtime routines with their kids.

Anna Duggar’s followers think she’s a good role model

In the past, Anna’s followers have asked her for advice about parenting. They seem to look up to her for parenting advice. After all, she has six kids so she has an idea of how to raise kids.

Plus, Anna seems close with her mother-in-law Michelle Duggar. Michelle has 19 kids, so she’s another good source of parenting advice. Anna has mentioned advice that Michelle has given her. Fans seem to appreciate the help from the two women because of their experience as mothers.

In response to her recent post, several followers said that they love the book she’s reading with her kids. They also shared their own bedtime tips and tricks. In the comments section, there is a lot of parenting advice going around. They also shared book ideas.

Duggar fans seem to appreciate Anna’s parenting expertise and they like reading the comments from the other parents out there too.

What do you think of Anna’s kids’ bedtime routine? If you have kids, share your kids’ routine in the comments below.

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