Josiah And Lauren Duggar Document Adorable Family Time

Josiah and Lauren Duggar Instagram

Josiah and Lauren Duggar of TLC’s Counting On had their first baby girl in November. They named the little girl Bella Milagro. Now, she’s about two months old and growing fast. She seems to be a healthy baby.

Before Josiah and Lauren conceived Bella, the couple experienced a tragic miscarriage. So, every moment with Bella has been even more special. They like to document all of these special moments with their little one.

Over the weekend, the couple posted a picture of all three of them sitting on the couch together. Proud dad Josiah is holding his little girl. Lauren has her arm around Josiah and is kissing Bella on the cheek. Bella has a huge smile on her face. They write, “My world🥰”.

Around the same time that the couple shared the new family photo, they also shared a new picture on their Instagram Stories. This one features Bella and she’s smiling again. With the picture, the couple says, “Those chubby cheeks and smile just warms my heart.”

Josiah and Lauren Duggar Instagram

Will Josiah and Lauren Duggar have more kids?

Though Bella is only a couple months old, the couple is already planning on having a large family. They revealed that they are planning on naming their kids in alphabetical order. The baby they miscarried was named Asa. Then, their baby girl is named Bella. So, they will continue that pattern. Because they are young, they will probably get pretty far into the alphabet.

Josiah and Lauren on social media

Josiah and Lauren share an Instagram account. Because of this, it’s not always clear who’s posting. It’s most likely that Lauren does most of the posting on social media. When Duggar couples share social media accounts, the wives appear to use the accounts most often.

At one point, there was even speculation that Josiah didn’t actually write and post a sweet message dedicated to Lauren. Duggar fans thought that Lauren staged the whole thing because it was written in her style.

No matter who’s posting, Counting On fans love to see what Josiah and Lauren are sharing. They like to see new pictures of Bella, of course. Recently, the couple provided an update and said that Bella is already learning how to roll over. She’s still young, but she’s practicing and getting stronger.

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