Is Jinger Duggar Vuolo Actually Happy?

Jinger Duggar Vuolo Instagram

After Jinger Duggar Vuolo shared a new picture on Instagram, fans are beginning to wonder just how happy she really is. As her followers know, she and Jeremy Vuolo moved to Los Angeles, California. Prior to that, they were living in Laredo, Texas. Both of these moves mean she left her family behind in Arkansas. Because she’s away from her family, fans have speculated about her happiness.

On social media, she seems to be loving life in Los Angeles. She and Jeremy, as well as their one-year-old daughter Felicity, are checking out all the cool spots in their new stomping grounds.

Of course, not everything is accurate on social media. Once again, fans are beginning to wonder about Jinger’s wellbeing.

Duggar fans are worried about Jinger

Jinger shared a new photo on social media recently. In the picture, she’s cooking dinner. Fans were quick to notice the dark circles under her eyes. On a Reddit thread, someone shared the new picture Jinger posted and wrote, “The dark circles around Jinger’s eyes always make me think she cries a lot”.

In response, several other Reddit users shared the same thoughts about the Duggar daughter. They said that she doesn’t look happy or healthy.

One user even mentioned that she might have an eating disorder. They wrote, “She looks like my friend when she was at the worst of her bulimia days. I don’t think I can diagnose people from my couch but I would be 0% shocked if she had an eatting disorder.” To that, someone replied, “Have you ever noticed how her expression is always a tad off in pictures where she’s around food? It really makes me think you’re on to something here.”

Some Reddit users aren’t sure about those claims

Some users in the thread disagree with those who are concerned about Jinger. One said, “It’s usually genetic or due to allergies. I have them at all times and rarely cry.”

A few other users chimed in. One said that it could be her mascara smudged under her eyes at the end of the day. Another said it could just be the shadows in the room.

Someone said that Felicity might not be sleeping through the night yet. This is possible because kids are at such different places in their development. Maybe Jinger is just worn out.

What do you think of what these Duggar fans are saying? Do you agree that Jinger looks unhappy, or do you think she’s just tired? Leave a comment below.

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