Duggar: Baby Bella Is Approaching An Exciting Milestone

Si and Lauren Duggar Instagram

On Instagram, Josiah and Lauren Duggar share an account. When they post pictures and videos, fans aren’t sure who’s posting. But, most of them assume Lauren is the one sharing posts.

On social media, the couple shares updates about their lives. They don’t post too often, but they make sure to give Counting On fans an update whenever possible.

Now that Josiah and Lauren’s baby, Bella, has arrived, they have started sharing more photos and videos. She’s a big hit on their social media page.

Bella was born in early November so she’s a little over two months old now. Duggar fans love seeing her learn and grow. Since her birth, the couple’s page has been filled with updates about the baby.


Josiah and Lauren Duggar share new video of Bella

In a recent Instagram story video, the Duggar couple revealed that their little one is almost able to roll over. In the video, Bella can be seen trying to roll over from front to her back.

Along with the video, one of the proud parents wrote, “Look who’s trying to turnover already!” It is pretty impressive that Bella is already using her muscles.

In one part of the video, it looks like Bella is doing a great job of holding her head up.

In response to the video, several Duggar fans messaged Lauren and Josiah about the items they saw in the video. They love Bella’s outfit and the play mat that she’s laying on. In their Instagram stories, the family provided links to those items. Fans often want to know where the family members shop.

Josiah and Lauren Duggar Instagram

When will Bella roll over?

According to Baby Center, babies typically roll over as early as four months old. So, it’s unlikely that Bella will actually roll over this early. But, she is definitely working her muscles and preparing for her next big milestone. When she gets a little bit older, she will be ready to roll over.

By six months old, Bella should be able to roll from front to back and back to front. Fans are hoping that Josiah and Lauren will continue to keep them updated on Bella’s progress. Plus, they’re looking forward to all the other milestones ahead. Hopefully, Josiah and Lauren will continue to document these milestones.

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