Anna Duggar Shares New Family Photo And It’s Adorable

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On Sunday, Anna Duggar posted a family photo. Josh and Anna now have six children, so getting a family picture can be tricky. In her caption, Anna wishes her followers a “happy Sunday!” She also added a bible verse.

In the family picture, Anna, Mackynzie, and Meredith are wearing matching dresses. It doesn’t look like baby Maryella is wearing the same dress. Anna has posted pictures of herself and the girls wearing these dresses before, so it’s likely they bought them before Maryella was born.

Anna’s sister-in-law, Jill Dillard, commented and said she loves the dresses. Lots of Anna’s followers agreed and wanted to know where Anna got them. Later, Anna posted an update on her Instagram stories and let fans know where they could buy the matching mom and daughter dresses.

If you’re a follower of the Duggar family, you might know about Josh and Anna’s latest addition. The family welcomed their sixth child to the world in November. She is the third girl for the couple.

They named her Maryella Hope. Mary was Josh’s grandmother’s name. She passed away in 2019, so the family chose to honor her by naming the baby after her.

Anna Duggar shares some of Michelle’s motherhood advice

In the comments section of her post, a follower asked how she deals with sleep regressions. Since Anna is a mom of six kids, the follower thought that she would be the perfect person to ask. Anna replied, “Sleep when baby sleeps… or if I’m desperate I will drink coffee. Michelle has often said, ‘coffee is like a nap in a cup for a busy mom!’

In response to Anna’s comment that featured her mother-in-law Michelle’s advice, several of Anna’s followers agreed. They seem to think that that is pretty good advice to follow.

Because Anna mentioned that she “sleeps when baby sleeps”, her followers were curious about how to do this with other kids at home. So far, Anna has yet to answer. Maybe Josh is around to take care of the kids while Anna catches up on sleep. They do spend a lot of time at Josh’s parents’ home, which means there is plenty of help to go around.

Anna is criticized for having “a baby every year”

In the comments section, someone who follows Anna said that she has had “a baby every year,” because there are six kids in the picture.

Of course, Duggar fans were quick to clear things up and defend Anna. One said, “6 babies in 12 years of marriage…how is that one every year?” Others pointed out that you can tell there are age gaps between the kids. They’re each about two years apart. Many families plan to have their kids around two years apart.

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