‘Welcome To Plathville’: Olivia Plath Opens Up About Religion

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Fans of TLC’s Welcome to Plathville know that the family is religious. They also know that Olivia Plath is attempting to do things a little differently from her husband Ethan’s family. Ethan’s family is the reason the show exists, but Olivia’s appearance on the show has been important. Viewers of the show either love Olivia or hate her.

Olivia has done a lot to change Ethan and to expose him to new things. He was raised in a conservative household, and he was very sheltered. So, he has a lot to learn from his wife. Olivia has also begun to rub off on Ethan’s equally sheltered siblings, which has upset Kim and Barry, who are Ethan’s parents.

Of course, Olivia isn’t teaching the rest of the Welcome to Plathville kids anything inappropriate. But, Kim believes that Olivia is corrupting them. This has led fans to wonder about Olivia’s morals and her religion. They want to know more about what she believes.

Welcome to Plathville star Olivia talks religion

On her Instagram stories, Olivia gave her followers the answers they’ve been looking for. She gave her followers a chance to ask her questions, which they were eager to do. As Olivia received questions, the topic of religion came up. Fans were curious about her religion and her belief system.

She said, “Growing up in a conservative, legalistic church left a bad taste of Christianity in my mouth. As an adult, I’ve wrestled hard with what I believe and what religion I want in my life. And here’s what I decided … I don’t want religion. I want nothing to do with religion. I want a relationship. I identify as a Christian, and I love Jesus. Jesus without all the crap and rules and hate and judgment.”

Olivia shared that she is friends with people from all different backgrounds. She also loves these people, even if they aren’t quite like her. She wrote about the positives of this, saying, “They challenge my thinking, they introduce me to new concepts and they keep me from boxing myself in. I never want to be around or tolerate people who only think like me, because that’s the greatest self-harm one can do. Forget the rules, cut the crap … All these people out there passing hate and judgment are claiming to love Jesus, but they sure as heck aren’t acting like Him!!” Perhaps this is how Ethan felt about Olivia when they first met.

Olivia has found the right church for herself and Ethan

Olivia admitted that it was difficult for she and Ethan to find the right church. It wasn’t easy for them to do so. She said that she was scared to go to church in the past because of the structure of some churches. She was hesitant to get involved.


Now, Olivia and Ethan have found a good church for themselves. But, the Welcome to Plathville star hasn’t always had good things to say about churches and religious institutions. She said, “They bring it on themselves. I’ve decided in my heart that I love Jesus, and I love people. All people, no matter what. My home is open, and my heart is open.”

She also talked about the impact of a good church, saying, “There are abusive harmful churches, and I’ve seen my fair share, but once in a while you stumble upon a church that’s truly life-giving, where you can heal and learn to love again.”

What do you think of Olivia’s comments about religion? Do you like to hear her perspective? Leave a comment below.

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