The Duggar Family Celebrates Christmas

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Families all around the world celebrate Christmas Day on December 25. The members of the Duggar family also joined in the festivities. The family has an ugly Christmas sweater party each year. This typically happens earlier in the holiday season. They have been documenting their festivities over the past month or so.

Recently, several of the family members also got together to make salt dough ornaments. On the grown children’s social media pages, they have shared how their own families are preparing for the holiday.

Jinger Vuolo’s daughter, Felicity, helped with some holiday baking. Anna shared an adorable picture of her six children reading in front of the tree. Amy King, a cousin of the Duggar family, recently posted a festive picture of her baby, Daxton. Jill Dillard shared that her sons were enjoying holiday movies with a neighbor and at home too.

Josiah and Lauren shared that their new baby girl was a part of their decorating and ornament-making. Jessa Seewald’s sons, Spurgeon and Henry, sang Christmas songs, and Jessa completed her Christmas shopping.

On Christmas Day, the Duggars shared a post on the Duggar family Instagram page. They posted a family picture, but it’s not a recent one. There have been some new additions since the picture was taken. The family also lost a family member when Grandma Mary unexpectedly passed away earlier this year.

How does the Duggar family feel about Christmas?

As fans of the family know, they do have some very conservative values. Because they are Christians, they focus on the Christian meaning of Christmas, the birth of Jesus.

In 2013, Michelle Duggar wrote about her family’s Christmas traditions, saying, “Early in our marriage, Jim Bob and I really wanted to focus on the real meaning of Christmas. And so, we didn’t focus on Santa. We kept that idea out of the whole celebration, we explained to the children who Santa was historically, but focused on his good deeds and his ministering to children. We tell them about the true person of Saint Nicholas, but don’t sensationalize him.”

Via social media, Jessa shared a picture of her trunk loaded up with wrapped presents. Henry is helping her load the car with all the gifts. This sparked some questions among Duggar fans. They wanted to know more about how the family celebrates Christmas, especially with presents.

In the comments, one fan asked, “Do you guys buy for every person in your family or how do you guys work it?”

Jessa explained the whole process in her reply, saying, “We do a gift exchange with my family. We draw names, and each person buys for one other family member. We split guy/girls, and adults/kids, so 4 groups total. It’s so fun and makes it where you can buy more meaningful gifts and not just dollar store trinkets for the 40+ of us.”

The family documents their Christmas Day

On social media, several members of the Duggar family shared about how they celebrated the holiday. Not everyone has shared a post yet, which is probably because they are enjoying their family time. Of course, some family members don’t share on social media regularly anyway.

Most of the family members were able to join in the fun at the Jim Bob and Michelle’s home in Arkansas. This included lots of food, which they had to start preparing on Christmas Eve.

Josiah and Lauren shared a photo of their little family on Bella’s first Christmas.

John and Abbie shared a couple of their maternity pictures via their Instagram stories on Christmas Day. They added stickers to the stories, wishing fans a Merry Christmas.

Surprisingly, Jill didn’t share a social media post on Christmas Day. She might give fans an update after Christmas is over. She typically shares a lot of posts on her Instagram page.

Jessa posted a video of her kids on YouTube and included a clip on Instagram too. The mom-of-three wrote, Just shared a video on my YouTube channel of our Duggar family Christmas 2019 highlights🎄!
“Family brunch🍽, discussing the true meaning of Christmas✝️, taking turns opening presents in a family gift exchange🎁, drone battles in the living room🛸, big lunch with family & friends🥧, games 🎉& football🏈!


Did all of the Duggars celebrate Christmas with the family?

As fans of the family know, there are a lot of people in this family. With 19 kids, plus their spouses and children, there are a lot of people to gather in one place. For this reason, not everyone can attend every family event.

Jinger and Jeremy recently moved to Los Angeles, California. They don’t visit Jim Bob and Michelle in Arkansas a lot because of the distance. Jeremy’s parents made the trip to Los Angeles for Jinger’s birthday a few days ago.

Now, via social media, it looks like they’ve decided to stay for Christmas too. So, Jinger and Jeremy aren’t spending Christmas in Arkansas with the whole Duggar family. They shared a sweet family picture on Christmas Day.

On Josiah and Lauren’s Instagram stories, they did share a quick scan of the Duggar family’s living room. Not all of the family members were visible though. Jill and her family aren’t shown in the short video. The video could have been taken before the Dillards arrived, or they could have been in another room.

What do you think of the Duggar family’s Christmas festivities? Have you kept up with them via social media on Christmas? Leave a comment below.

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