Duggar: Jessa Shares YouTube Video, Reveals She Cuts Her Kids’ Hair At Home

Jessa Duggar Seewald Instagram

Anyone who follows the Duggar family knows that they are pretty frugal. They try to save money where they can. It just makes sense. With 19 kids, costs can add up quickly. One of the family’s mottos is “buy used and save the difference”.

Now, several of their kids have moved out. It seems like some of them have stuck with their parents’ mindset about money, even though they are out on their own. For example, Jessa, Jill, Anna, Lauren, and other Duggar women choose to shop for used baby clothing.

It seems that they are choosing to save money in other ways too. Buying used clothes isn’t the only way that members of the Duggar family are saving their money.

Jessa Duggar Seewald’s YouTube channel

Jessa has recently started adding to her YouTube channel. She’s not the only one in her family who has a YouTube channel. Jana recently created a YouTube channel too. By monetizing their videos, they can easily make money off the content they create.

Jessa has had a YouTube channel for a few years now, but she’s only recently started posting on it regularly. In the past three weeks, she’s uploaded five videos. The mom of three covers everything from picky eaters to hair-curling tutorials.

Right now, Jessa has 26.5k followers on YouTube. With more videos, her following is going to continue to grow.


Jessa cuts her kids’ hair herself

In Jessa’s most recent video, she reveals that she cuts her kids’ hair on her own. Her newest video is titled: Little Boy Haircut Tutorial. In the description, the Duggar daughter explains what the video’s all about. She says, “This cut works well for little boys with straight or mildly wavy hair. While they’re young, I’m not giving them a super short buzz because I prefer a more carefree, classic, little boy look. Trimming up the hair around the ears and along the neckline really helps to give it a nice fresh look, and from there I taper out to leave more length on top.”

In the video, she cuts her son, Henry‘s, hair. Henry is two years old. Jessa might cut his hair at home to save money. It’s also easier because he’s familiar with her and their surroundings.

She’s not the only Duggar who cuts hair. None of them do it professionally, but it’s not uncommon for them to do it at home. Recently, Abbie had to learn how to cut John-David’s hair.

Now, some of the women are branching out and getting professional haircuts. Jinger dyed her hair recently, so it’s likely she had it done at a salon.

What do you think of Jessa’s YouTube channel? Did you know that she cuts her kids’ hair? Leave a comment below.

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