Scheana Shay’s New Boyfriend Shades Her Ex-Husband, Plus Stassi Schroeder May Be the Latest ‘VPR’ Homeowner

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Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Shay recently went Instagram official with new boyfriend, Brock Davies. He has reportedly already met her co-stars. Now it seems Scheana is including her new man in all aspects of her life, notably her PodcastOne series, Scheananigans.

During a joint appearance on the podcast, Brock and Scheana dished on running into her ex, Rob Valletta, at a concert. No topic was off-limits, as Brock threw a little shade at the reality star’s ex-husband, Mike Shay.

VPR’s Scheana Shay’s Boyfriend Insults Her Ex-Husband

During the podcast, the Season 6 hot topic of Rob Valletta’s TV-hanging record is brought up.

She gave an explanation for why she talked so much about his handyman skills.

“I felt like I needed to overcompensate and shove him down people’s throats because I’m like, oh my god, look, I’m with a man and he’s older and he does all these things. And I just bragged so much. It was so annoying.”

She also said that she’d never been with a man who hung things before. Reality Blurb reports that her man had the perfect clap back. Brock said, “You’ve just never been with a man before.”

However, he then added a message to Scheana’s ex-husband, “I like you, Mike, sorry bro.” As for Rob, Brock described him as a “good guy.”

Scheana Recounts Running Into Rob While Attending a Concert with Brock

The VPR star hasn’t dated Rob since 2017. But Brock might want to watch his back because Scheana’s tale of running into her ex at a concert is interesting, to say the least.

The couple attended a Brice Vine concert Scheana figured her ex would be there, considering they are all mutual friends.

According to Scheana, Rob was “so rattled” by seeing her that he dropped his drink. She also reveals that she made sure he knew she was there.

“The whole show I made sure that we were standing in front of them and then I had Brock put me on his shoulders, so they had no choice but to look at us.”

However, she also called the run-in a “great interaction” that got rid of any leftover feelings she had for Rob.

“I’m actually glad that that happened, especially the way it did because I did realize I was still harboring some anger and bad feelings towards him, and that’s all gone. I’m happy now, and it was just a great interaction.”

For his part, Brock reveals that he had no idea who Scheana was when they first met, but he thought she was “cute.”

Scheana’s VPR co-star Stassi Schroeder and fiancé Beau Clark recently weighed in on meeting the new man in Scheana’s life. TV Shows Ace reports that they both think he is a “nice guy” and are happy for the couple.

Did Stassi Just Buy a House?

The stars of Vanderpump Rules are growing up before our very eyes. Now it seems Stassi is following in the footsteps of her co-stars by purchasing her first home. In 2019, several of her co-stars bought homes. Jax Taylor, Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz all purchased homes with their wives or girlfriends in the same area of L.A. Kristen Doute also made a solo home purchase.

In a now-deleted Instagram post captured by Bravo’s Home and Design, Stassi seems to be on the cusp of closing on a new home. The photo appears to be taken from a car driving near the iconic Hollywood sign in California. The photo includes a sticker of a house above a caption that reads, “Inspection day! Escrow, b*tches.”

VPR Stassi Schroeder Screenshot Instagram
Screenshot of VPR Stassi Shroeder’s Instagram

Stassi has yet to confirm what the photo meant, but given that she’s getting married next year, chances are likely that the couple bought a home together.

Season 8 of Vanderpump Rules premieres on Bravo on January 7, 2020.

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