‘VPR’s Jax Taylor Responds to Fans Slamming for Ignoring Christmas Tree Requests, ‘People Are Trying to Scam Me,’ Plus Brittany Cartwright Faces Pregnancy Rumors Again

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In a move polar opposite of his ‘bad boy’ Vanderpump Rules persona, Jax Taylor tried to do a good deed. A few days ago, he tweeted an offer to send Christmas trees to any of his followers who private messaged him their address. TV Shows Ace reports on Jax’s attempt and success for locating a girl from his Instagram comments so he could send her a tree.

VPR Star Got More than He Bargained for With Offer

However, it seems that the VPR star posted his offer on two social media platforms – Instagram and Twitter. As a result, he received more requests than he anticipated. Since Jax didn’t answer or respond to all of the dms, fans began to bash him on Twitter.

One fan suggested Jax “show receipts” to prove that he actually sent a tree to someone.

A lot of people are saying you ignored their messages and never responded so to clear that mess up, showing some receipts would be nice!”


The VPR reality show star didn’t take kindly to the criticism. He said that next time, he will think twice before doing good because of the fan’s tweet.

“Definitely will think about it more next time because of her. People need to worry about themselves.”

The VPR star also responded to the fan directly, saying he “didn’t care” what anyone else thought of him.

“I did not ignore anything, I don’t care what anyone said. I did what I could. Happy holidays, always someone complaining. And stop worrying about others.”

Jax Defends Himself, Says People Were Trying to ‘Scam’ Him

In his original offer, VPR‘s Jax did not add any stipulations to whom he would send trees. Once some fans started to get angry, he clarified the offer.

“My message was to a specific group, single family homes, parents that couldn’t get one. Not college kids, not schools, not people who had one tree and wanted another, US only. I probably should of been more detailed.”

Unfortunately, by that time, Jax was fed up with people’s negative response to his kind gesture.

When a fan asked if they could nominate someone to get a tree, Jax replied that he offer was over.

“I am sorry Iam done with the trees, people keep trying to scam me, I hope the trees that I did send get to you safely. I tried my best! Hope you all have a great holiday.”

Long-time fans of Vanderpump Rules may wonder what’s gotten into Jax. When one of his Twitter followers said that Jax was ‘underestimated’ on the show, the VPR star readily agreed. Then he gave credit where credit is due – his wife, Brittany Cartwright.

“Trust me I know…. but I try my best. My wife has made me such a better man.”

VPR Star Brittany Cartwright Brushes Off Pregnancy Rumors

VPR stars Jax and Brittany haven’t even been married for a year, but fans are already on high baby watch alert. The couple spoke openly even before their wedding about their hopes to have a baby ASAP.

Ever since the wedding, Brittany has faced multiple comments from fans asking if she is pregnant. The comment is usually in response to a less-than-flattering photo posted on the reality star’s Instagram account.


As fans know, Brittany lost 25 pounds on a pre-wedding diet. Photos of her wearing baggy clothes or sporting a possible baby bump have sparked rumors of a baby on the way several times. Brittany tries to “stay positive” when fans mistake weight gain for a baby bump.

“And then after the wedding you might gain some, and then all of a sudden you’re pregnant. Which I know people are stoked, super excited for if we do become pregnant. I am too. But sometimes you just gain weight.”

HollywoodLife reports that Brittany and Jax are hoping to have a baby announcement in  2020. Vanderpump Rules returns to Bravo with Season 8 on January 7, 2020.

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