Is ‘Storage Wars’ Canceled? What Do Cast Social Media Posts Reveal?

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Although TV Shows Ace has been reporting on a lot of Storage Wars stories this past year, fans of the show want to know when they are filming Season 13. A&E have not revealed anything, but perhaps the reality stars have posted hints on social media?

Brandi Passante And Jarrod Schulz Are Splitsville

The biggest Storage Wars story of late has been that Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz are splitsville. Although neither have made any sort of formal announcement, TV Shows Ace has written how their social media has revealed that they are no longer together.

Currently, Brandi has been out partying at racing events and emceeing women’s violence special events. She is so often rarely without a drink, her social media followers have even “expressed concern for her liver.”

As for Jarrod, he is focused on one thing: Rush Bar in Lake Forest, California. His Instagram account is all about the bands and the specials going on there. It has been about a year since Brandi has been in his Instagram feed. It looks like the bar is his new lady.

Although they never married, they were in a committed relationship for 20 years, and have a son and a daughter. Neither has been close to a storage locker since Storage Wars Season 12.

Three Former Storage Wars Stars Nearly Died

Three former stars of the popular show have nearly lost their lives and have been dealing with some serious health issues.

Darrell Sheets is the first that posted to social media that he had a serious heart attack. This happened during a Justin Timberlake concert. On Instagram, he asked fans for prayers and he came through surgery ok, but admitted he was not one hundred percent ok. He even spoke of being retired.

At the time, he had fiancĂ©e Romney Snyder by his side, but it appears that he now has a new lady in his life. Her name is Patty, and he shared that she makes him “laugh again.” He has not been photographed anywhere near a storage locker in some time.

The next scary incident was Barry Weiss. While on his motorcycle, a vehicle went in front of him and his riding pal. Both bikes crashed into the back, but Barry sustained very serious leg and back injuries. He spent some quality time in ICU.

But in true Barry fashion, he still managed to sign an endorsement contract while laid up. He is now the spokesperson for Sherwood Valley Casino. It is safe to say, no matter what happens, he won’t be back on the show anytime soon.

Then there is Dave Hester. In September he revealed he suffered a serious stroke in November 2018. He reports that although he is better, he can only work as an auctioneer right now.

Will There Be A Storage Wars Season 13?

Although there are a few reality stars that could be questionable if asked to return for a Season 13, there are still a few Storage Wars stars that are still in the business. This includes Dan and Laura Dotson. They are always working hard, on the quest, but still taking a few minutes to appreciate each other and enjoy life. They are active on social media and have shared some great stories.

In November 2018, Dan Dotson shared that they auctioned off a storage locker unit that was worth $7.5 million dollars. Wow.

What about Rene and Casey Nezhoda? One year ago, they reported that they bought Farrah Fawcett’s storage locker, only to allegedly find themselves in the midst of a very nasty family lawsuit. The couple had someone break into their shop in May 2019. Sounds like they would jump at the chance to be on another season!

As for Mary Padian, she has taken her storage locker finds and now sells them online. She loves to find things and continues to be the perky and happy storage locker buyer.

Lastly, Ivy Calvin still owns Grandma’s Attic and finds items from storage lockers for his Palmdale, California store. Now, will Storage Wars producers call these reality stars back for a Season 13?

Would you like to see another season of Storage Wars? Who were your favorites on the show? Be sure to check back with TV Shows Ace for the latest in Storage Wars news.


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