Michael Muhney Fans Can Now See His New RomCom ‘Sidepiece’

MIchael Muhney, Janness Rouse, Sidepiece-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8C1nBDoj-OA&fbclid=IwAR36epcEydSOvYg0NDj5IEDybRIEqDVAP-l2ysbSL_MeYeqRZUn__juhb10

For the past year, TV Shows Aces has been following the career of former Young and the Restless Adam Newman, actor Michael Muhney. Now, it he is starring in a new RomCom short that has already won an award. It may be coming to your town soon! What do we know about Sidepiece and where can Michael Muhney fans view it?

Michael Muhney In RomCom Short Sidepiece

Former Young and the Restless star Michael Muhney is starring in the new romcom short film called Sidepiece. This is a movie where “nothing is as it appears to be.” What may confuse or clarify the store a bit more is the movie’s tagline, “Dating is hard. Especially when you’re married.” Sounds like a lot of confusing scenarios.

Written by Teddy Tenenbaum (Ghost Whisperer), Sidepiece also stars Jenness Rouse (Becca On Call) and Minsun Park (You Too).    In the trailer, Muhney is sitting on a park bench tapping away with his drumsticks. His character’s name is Collin. Collin meets with Lucy (Rouse) and they appear to meet for the first time. There is an awkward hug, but that is just the beginning of awkward!

Lucy asks Collin if he has ever done “this” before. Collin goes on, assuming she is talking about using a dating app. Turns out, she meant that other thing, and clarifies, “I meant cheating on your wife.” Collin uncomfortably admits it is his first time, as does Lucy.

Just as they are ready to reach in for a kiss, they are interrupted by Julie (Park). She is Lucy’s sister-in-law and is thrilled that Lucy is out on a date. Collin looks more than a little confused by this whole scenario.

Where Can Fans See Sidepiece?

Just last week, on the Sidepiece Facebook page, they announced they won the Merit award. They shared, “Thank you, Canada Shorts – Canadian & International Short Film Festival, for honoring Sidepiece with the Award of Merit! And thanks for the pretty laurel.”

So, where can fans see Sidepiece? The official Facebook page has been sharing the various film festivals that the movie short will be showing. Already, there are dates in Los Angeles, Miami and Australia. This romcom may be coming to a town near you, soon.

Most of all, Michael Muhney fans are excited and have been posting on their official social media sites. They are quite excited about having him in this short and responded to a fan who wants to see it in Culver City, California. “Michael is fantastic in the short. We think you’ll really love his performance. We’ll post the time and date when we get it!”

Muhney has to feel pretty good about feedback like this. As TV Shows Ace previously published, the former Y&R star had revealed that he had contemplated suicide after he was out as Adam Newman. He is now reinventing his career, with the CBS soap in his back mirror.

Are you looking forward to Michael Muhney’s new project? Be sure to check back with TV Shows Ace for the latest Michael Muhney news. Look for Sidepiece at your local film festival.

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