Netflix Is Streaming Comedy King With Eddie Murphy, ‘Beverly Hills Cop 4’

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Netflix appears to be focused on becoming the premiere comedy network, as they continue to revive Eddie Murphy’s career in the same way it has with Adam Sandler. Netflix just inked a remarkable deal that will allow them to make Beverly Hills Cop 4, and possibly even the fifth installment of the Eddie Murphy franchise. This deal also solidifies Netflix dominance as King of streaming comedy.

Netflix Original Comedy Adds Another Eddie Murphy Movie

On Thursday, it was announced that Netflix made a one time license deal to make Beverly Hills Cop 4, and possibly a fifth installment. According to Deadline, Netflix obtained the unique deal with Paramount. They cite the lack of success of such recent sequels as in the Terminator franchise may be part of of why Paramount oked the Netflix deal. But, there could be an even better reason: Netflix is building up their own Eddie Murphy library, and this deal will only improve the movie franchise.

Eddie has recently starred in the critically acclaimed Netflix movie, Dolomite. This is considered Eddie Murphy’s comeback. He told the CBC that although he wanted to do the story of Rudy Ray Moore for 15 years. But, it was only in the past few years that things started to happen. He admitted that he was  laying around “on the couch” prior to this Netflix hit, and now suddenly, he brought back Wesley Snipes, Craig Robinson, Mike Epps and a cast of talented comedic actors to tell the story and entertain a new audience.

These actors were clearly in awe of Murphy. The recipient of the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor is a living legend. His confidence, comedic chops and acting talent is unique. It may be because Eddie was influenced by a cornucopia of unlikely influences, including Elvis, Richard Pryor, Bruce Lee and Muhammad Ali.

Eddie Murphy Discussed Doing Standup Again

Last year, when Jerry Seinfeld interviewed Eddie Murphy on the Netflix show, Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, Jerry asked fellow comic, and good friend, Eddie Murphy if he was going to go back to doing stand-up. Eddie confessed the regret that he stopped stand-up. He also admitted that he stopped doing so many movies because it stopped being fun.

Recently, he has been hiding in such movie hits as Shrek, but with his return with Dolomite, it is clear Eddie has not lost a step. Murphy felt that the biggest message of Rudy Ray Moore is “believing in yourself.” It seems to send a positive message from Eddie that he is ready to roll.

Now, he is on Netflix and Coming 2 America will be in theatres in August 2020. There are rumors that Eddie Murphy may actually do a standup show for Netflix. Many critics are concerned about the era in which we live and some of the rawness of Murphy’s stand-up routine. Based on what Netflix has already released, they don’t seem too concerned.

Netflix Established Itself As King Of Comedy Streaming

With their latest move, it seems that Netflix has created a haven for comedians that no other streaming channel offers. Netflix is pretty secretive about their moves. But, when you look at how much they were willing to pay to exclusively stream Seinfeld and look at some of the multi-million dollar deals they made with comedians, it is now clear that they had a plan.

First, they would create their own programs with The Witcher and Shondaland’s Bridgerton series. They knew they were going to lose the Marvel Universe and Disney movies. And they lost The Office and Friends. But, someone there must have figured that they could keep viewers with original comedy. They have slowly started to add more and more original comedy to their platform and have built an empire.

Netflix seems to have rolled out the red carpet for Eddie Murphy. They have done the same with Dave Chappelle, Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Ray Romano and Jerry Seinfeld. Perhaps that is what has made Murphy go all into comedy through Netflix. He has found a place where comedy is king.

Eddie Murphy fans, are you excited that Beverly Hills Cop 4 and possibly 5 will be airing on Netflix? Be sure to check back with TV Shows Ace for the latest Netflix news. Eddie Murphy’s comedy Dolomite is currently streaming on Netflix.

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