Duggar: Amy King’s Baby Is Here And “He’s Absolute Perfection”

Amy Duggar King Instagram

Baby Daxton Ryan King is here! Duggar cousin, Amy King, and her husband, Dillon, are now parents. On Wednesday evening, Amy and Dillon each posted the same picture on their Instagram accounts. On Amy’s photo, she described her new son saying that “he’s absolute perfection!!!


PEOPLE revealed that Daxton weighs 7 lbs., 8 oz. He is 20 inches long. PEOPLE also spoke with the photographer, who is Dillon’s sister. She gave an update and said, “Smooth and easy delivery. Both mom and baby are great and healthy!”

Amy Duggar King had a scheduled C-section

Early on Wednesday, the couple posted on Instagram to let Duggar fans know that they were at the hospital. In the post, they revealed that Amy would be having a C-section. Amy explained, “With my small frame and the fact that the Dr. Said theres an 85% chance I’d have an emergency situation. We went ahead and scheduled a cesarean to be on the safe side.”

Based on what Duggar fans have heard so far, it sounds like the C-section went smoothly. In the comments of Amy’s update about the delivery, fans left lots of encouraging messages for the expectant mom.

Amy’s pregnancy

Dillon and Amy announced the pregnancy on Easter Sunday. Shortly after, they revealed that the baby on the way is a boy. Then, on their babymoon, which is the last vacation they took before becoming parents, they revealed his name.


Throughout her pregnancy, Amy has received plenty of love and support from Duggar fans. She has kept them updated on social media. Fans hope this will continue now that Daxton has arrived. They look forward to seeing sweet updates about the little one.

During Amy’s pregnancy, her grandmother, Grandma Duggar, tragically passed away. Amy has been open about how this has impacted her. In June, Amy posted about a trip she took with her mom. This was shortly after Grandma Duggar passed away. She wrote, “Grandma is missed terribly. Gma and I were always together.. and she was supposed to be with us on this trip.. we thought about canceling but instead decided to honor her by spending time together, shopping for baby K and enjoying the sunshine…”

Amy was thrilled to find out she was having a baby boy. She talked to PEOPLE about this and said, “I’ve always wanted to be a boy mom! Dillon builds lifted trucks, so I can just imagine how suped-up the Power Wheels will be. We just can’t wait for this little ball of energy to arrive! He’s already named, so let all the embroidery begin. I am so obsessed with baby bath robes!”

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